Activision Blizzard backs down and reaffirms its commitment to increasing the diversity of its ranks

Daniel Alegre, CEO of the company, has clarified the latest statements of the company on racial and gender inclusion in its ranks

Recently, Activision Blizzard was involved in a new controversy after, in the face of the labor inclusion proposal of the AFL-CIO, the largest federation of workers in the United States, was reluctant to accept it. Describing that sticking to her would be “an abuse that would be impossible to work with regarding the company’s ability to carry out its work in a very competitive market that moves at a fast pace“It didn’t take long for the controversy to spread through social media, which is why Daniel Alegre, CEO and president of the company, has decided to clarify the situation.

In particular, through the company official page, the executive rejected the previous affirmations in order to vindicate the vision of the company. “Through our current hiring practices throughout the company and for all roles, we emphasize and create diverse divisions of candidates; naturally, our philosophy allows us to hire managers to ensure diversity in each country in which we operate. We don’t need the AFL-CIO proposal to reaffirm what we already do: encourage each hired manager to consider diverse candidates for each position. We believe in our current hiring practices, which encourage each hired manager to seek out diverse candidates for each role.“, he established.

I want to withdraw that diversity, equity and inclusion will continue to be at the core of our company, of our culture and in the experience of our employees. Our commitment begins with the search and recruitment process and is reiterated during your entry and stay. Our Code of Conduct is recognized by all of our employees; at all levels, throughout the years. New hires go through our equity and diversity trainings to ensure employees know their responsibility“, he sentenced.

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