Activision Blizzard explains why he's giving away "Destiny 2".

Active "Destiny 2" players have grown in the last quarter thanks to the launch of the Forsaken expansion, but Activision Blizzard is still not satisfied with its sales, so they decided to leave the game for two weeks, he said to analysts the CEO and president of the company during a earnings call this week.

At BlizzCon, we announced that "Destiny", the basic game is free for two weeks, which means downloading it by November 18, and you can keep the basic game forever, "explained Activision's CEO and President Coddy Johnson. "We did it because we want the whole community to be loaded and able to play with it, but also because it's a live game. And once you're in it, with the features, services and content going on, it's a really deep involvement. And partly because we have not yet seen full recovery in "Destiny", which has led to underperformance against our expectations to date. Some players we think are still in standby mode. So when you are inside, you are deeply committed. If you're not, we hope it's time to work and get players back and regain them. "

Essentially, Activision Blizzard sees the way to make money from "Destiny 2" as a constant drip feed of payments from players active in the game for both cosmetic items and expansion packs. It is the same approach, to some extent, used by massive moneymakers like "Fortnite", which earns almost all of its money from in-game purchases.

A, the problem, Johnson believes, is not if the expansion of "Destiny 2" is no good, but that people are not willing to buy the basic game and then pay for it.

"The abandonment is a high-quality expansion of content in the universe," Johnson said. "Honestly, it's the highest quality content we've seen in the franchise to date – it really came out of Activision and Bungie working together to address the concerns of the post-& # 39; Destiny 2 & # 39; community in a holistic way Speaking to the players, we knew that it came from users who were really doing a fundamental overhaul of how to offer a deeper end game, bigger powers and bigger rewards, and involve players who seemed to really appreciate the content. very well both by the auditors and the community, and has continued to deepen the involvement of those who are playing it ".

But expansions only gain from those who already own the basic game, and "Destiny 2" was launched without the full support of those who played the original title, which Johnson says is now damaging the game.

"Some of our other franchises, such as" Destiny ", do not behave as we would like, and we are working to accelerate the pace of innovation of live operations and improve the speed with which we publish new content to keep our players engaged and provide new opportunities for monetization, "said Johnson.

It remains to be seen how successful the game will be in terms of stimulating in-game purchases and purchases of Forsaken and future expansion packages. It is also possible that, if successful, the "Destiny 2" tribute becomes permanent.

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