Activision Blizzard’s public “multi-space tool” to help characters score points has attracted criticism from many players – Bahamut

Activision Blizzard today viaofficial blogreleased a new character design system “Diversity Space Tool” jointly developed by its King R&D team and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Game Lab. By scoring the details of the characters to avoid Practices such as symbolism, stereotyping, or exclusion during development.

However, after the release of this tool for helping characters to score points, many players got a lot of negative criticism on the official Twitter. Activision Blizzard subsequently updated the blog content, emphasizing that they proposed this multi-spatial tool mainly to reveal unintentional biases. It doesn’t change their commitment to diversity, while clarifying that this tool prototype is not used for active game development.

Originally, Activision Blizzard mentioned when introducing this “multiple space tool” that this system is a tool that hopes to make characters more diverse and inclusive, a practical method that can avoid symbolism, stereotypes and exclusion. King has been thinking about how to do it since 2016. To prevent unconscious bias or exclusion when creating games and characters, they worked with MIT to create tangible software that could target basics such as gender, size, and character (such as hero or villain) elements, as well as gestures and body movements are analyzed.

In the blog, Activision Blizzard originally released “special attackThe demonstration picture of the hero Anna in “, such as her Egyptian cultural background, Arab ancestry, 60 years old, monocular and other characteristics, each item is also rated by its own, but after this tool was released and widely criticized, the relevant pictures have been moved. remove.

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Originally Activision Blizzard said that the tool has begun preliminary testing with Activision and the Blizzard R&D team in the past few months, and plans to further test it internally starting this summer, hoping to get more feedback.

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