Entertainment Actor Raymi Sambo to court for aggravated assault on...

Actor Raymi Sambo to court for aggravated assault on wife | Entertainment

Partner had hit a woman in Amsterdam on New Year’s Eve. The victim suffered a concussion and a broken nose. “The public prosecutor has decided to summon the suspect for aggravated assault, or assault. This means that the suspect has to go to court, ”says a spokesperson for the Public Prosecution Service Show news. “There is no settlement, because the public prosecutor finds the facts too serious and therefore wants to submit them to the judge.”

The lawsuit against the actor will take place on September 9. The victim’s lawyer, Sébas Diekstra, tells the SBS6 program: “It is good that a hearing is finally scheduled for the criminal court. My client certainly wants to be there. During that session she intends to tell herself how serious the consequences of the violence have been for her. ”

‘2020 nice start’

The victim left at the time The Telegraph know that it was initially a ‘normal, cozy New Year’s Eve’. She was sitting outside talking to a friend who had come with Sambo. “At one point he was approached by Raymi Sambo, who wanted to go home. We insisted that he stay a while longer, after all, it was fun. There was a brief discussion and then I walked over to him. I just said, ‘Let’s start 2020 off nicely’. And then I was hit. ” In the broadcast of Show news left the All Starsactor at the time immediately regretted his action. He said they were both drunk.

Sambo’s lawyer has also been asked for a response, but wanted according to Show news do not comment.


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