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Anthony Mackie recalled with humor the episode, in which both were confused when greeting each other. Without any intention, Smith threw an inexplicable cross hook at him.

Anthony Mackie, 42-year-old actor who became known for his roles as “Papa Doc” in 8 Mile and recently for playing Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has a great number of experiences in his adventure through the world of cinema.

But the most recent one has made a lot of noise in the media, since it has as a co-star the beloved Will Smith. Mackie recounted the anecdote of when Smith accidentally punched him at a birthday party.

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In his appearance in The Jess Cagle Show, the actor said that he attended the smith’s 50th birthday party in the city of Budapest (Hungary). Mackie related that it was one of the keepers of Will’s birthday cake to a stage while he gave a presentation.

When Mackie comes out with the cake, Smith looks at him and greets him by name, since they didn’t know each other. Mackie got emotional and wanted to “high five”, but the confusion of the greeting led to a more embarrassing situation.

“I tried to ‘high five.’ I didn’t know what he was doing, but I wanted to hug him and he thought I wanted to give him a high five. So he tried to grab my arm and hit me very hard in the jaw, a very powerful right cross. “

—Anthony Mackie en The Jess Cagle Show

It was clearly a mistake; Imagine if Will Smith – who is the nicest guy in the world – had purposely hit the guy who brought him the birthday cake. It doesn’t sound like something feasible, really.

Mackie kept joking about it, clearing all doubts of a possible intention behind that cross hook.


“He hit me on the jaw. Will Smith hit me on the jaw. He is a very aggressive human being. I know he wanted to do it on purpose, there is no chance you can spoil a hug with a blow to the jaw. “

—Anthony Mackie en The Jess Cagle Show—

So relax, Will fans: it was all a misunderstanding. You can continue to worship him as always

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