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Actor, Violence | Police: Actor committed aggravated assault on a man lying on the floor

Police believe the victim was defenseless. The gross violence was filmed with a mobile phone and spread on social media.

The actor in his late 20s was as late as last summer sentenced to five years in prison for episodes of violence and pimping. In addition, he was sentenced to pay 1.6 million kroner in compensation to the victims.

Now he has to appear in court again with several accusations of violence and threats. The case is scheduled for Oslo District Court in September.

One of the accusations is a serious episode of violence that was filmed with a mobile phone. The online newspaper has seen the video where the offended man is repeatedly beaten, kneeled and kicked in the head and on the upper body.

The victim suffered swelling

The video shows the offended man entering the then apartment of the actor who lived on the exclusive Tjuvholmen in the capital. Outside the picture, the accused man suddenly appears. He first punches the man hard in the face.

The violence continues while the offended man lies on the floor. The indictment states that the victim was unable to defend himself, and he was inflicted with swelling and abrasions on his face and upper body.

The episode of violence took place on 28 August 2018 in the entrance hall of the apartment and was filmed with a mobile phone. The video is shared on social media.

The offended man is dead today, but the episode of violence is not the cause of this.

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Lawyer Petter Bonde represents the actor.
Photo: Paul Weaver / Nettavisen

In December 2018, a few days before Christmas Eve, according to the indictment, he allegedly hit a fellow inmate in the face twice so that he began to bleed from his left eye.

– My client does not admit criminal guilt for the episode that was filmed and thinks it was self-defense. Otherwise, he admits partial criminal guilt for other matters in the indictment, says detainee Petter Bonde to Nettavisen.

The actor is also accused of, through violence or threats, having influenced a public official to perform or fail to perform an act of service, or sought to achieve this.

«Sunday 30 December 2018 approx. kl. 1545 in Halden prison, in connection with the initiation of bingo for inmates, he pushed and spat on prison officer A and prison officer B so that they got saliva at the bottom. “

Risks custodial sentence

The day after this episode, he threatened a third prison officer with the delivery of food.

“If something like this were to happen, the officers would be sure that he managed to take a couple of officers with him in the same sling, whereupon he followed up by saying that this was not a threat, but a consequence or the like.”, it appears from the indictment.

In early March 2019, just over two months after the threatening episodes, he became involved again in an episode. This time it was in Ullersmo prison in connection with moving to another cell.

According to the police, he threw a snuff box in the throat of a prison officer and called another officer “morrapuler”.

Click on the image to enlarge.  One of the episodes of violence the actor is accused of happened here in Ullersmo prison.  Exterior picture of Ullersmo prison.

One of the episodes of violence the actor is accused of happened here in Ullersmo prison.
Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

The maximum penalty for the most serious offense, which is aggravated assault, is six years in prison. The indictment states that the prosecuting authority reserves the right to make a claim forvaringsdom.

Detention can be sentenced to dangerous sane offenders when an ordinary time-limited prison sentence is not considered sufficient to safeguard social protection, writes Correctional Services on their websites.

In serious cases, a custodial sentence can in practice mean that they have to be in prison for many years. In the very worst cases, it can be a matter of life in prison.

In the trial against the man in his late 20s last year told an ex-girlfriend that she was pulled by her hair for 10-12 meters. The actress is also said to have beaten her and the verdict states:

“It follows from medical documentation that the victim lost some hair and was inflicted with a wound on the scalp that had to be sewn with 3 stitches. This is related to the fact that the accused pulled the victim by the hair. However, she also suffered a concussion, a bruise with a lump over her right eye and a major swelling with obvious discoloration over her left cheek and jaw. She remained in the emergency room for two days for observation and a CT scan was taken of her twice. She was fully on sick leave for four weeks, then 50% for five weeks. “

Convicted in «sex trap case»

The actor is former convicted of several acts of violence, in addition to a number of other conditions. He was, among other things convicted of violence as late as August last summer, in addition to pimping two women and several other offenses.

According to police, the actor must have earned hundreds of thousands of kroner by prostituting two women.

In the case from last year, the actor was convicted of violence, among other things against a profiled football coach after forcing him to pay 100,000 kroner after a match.

Click on the image to enlarge.  The convicted actor has been moved between several prisons.  Now he is sitting in Skien.  Exterior picture of the main entrance to Skien prison.

The convicted actor has been moved between several prisons. Now he is sitting in Skien.
Photo: Cornelius Poppe (NTB scanpix) (NTB scanpix)

During the trial last year, detention was barely a topic:

“The prosecutor has pointed out that the defendant’s criminal history, seen in connection with the circumstances for which he is now to be convicted, indicates that the defendant in new convictions should be considered with a view to detention.”, it is stated in the judgment.

In 2013, he was also convicted and designated as the brain in the so-called «sex trap case».

He threatened, abused and pressured several men for money after luring the men with promises of sex with young women.

The actor is also under investigation in a serious drug case, where he is charged with aiding and abetting the storage of a double-digit number of kilos of cocaine.

Nettavisen has not succeeded in getting comments from public prosecutor Jeanette Westlund Hegna, who has ordered the indictment, or public prosecutor Kirsti Guttormsen, who is the prosecuting prosecutor in court.


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