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On the morning of this November 21, the National Association of Actors (ANDA) confirmed the death of actress Maleni Morales, who for 46 years was the wife of actor Otto Sirgo.

“The National Association of Actors deeply regrets the death of our colleague Maleni Morales, a member of our union, happened today. Our condolences to our C. Otto Sirgo, family and friends. Rest in peace, “they reported on social media.

Although the causes of death are unknown, the actress suffered lung cancer, a disease that she recently overcame: “She did not have any symptoms or anything, it was through a routine study that it was discovered that she had it, because she began to be short of breath and not because of lung cancer, but because the tumor was pressing a part of the vena cava and that did not allow a good oxygenation of the blood “, explained Otto Sirgo to ‘First hand’ last september.

The actor explained that thanks to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, his wife managed to eradicate the disease: “The cancer had disappeared and now the only thing that had to be done was maintenance work with immunotherapy for two years, but luckily the cancer is gone“.

Friends and colleagues from the artistic medium expressed their condolences to the actor on social networks, including Verónica Castro, Arlette Pacheco, Adriana Louvier, Sugey Ábrego, just to mention a few.

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Little Morales She participated in successful soap operas of the 1980s such as ‘Wild Rose’, ‘La picara soñadora’, ‘The rich also cry’. In the 90s he recorded ‘Luz Clarita’, ‘Por tu amor’, among others.

Maleni Morales and Otto Sirgo They resided in the city of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and were married for 47 years.

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