Actress Nina Gunke has contracted Alzheimer’s – VG

STAR: Nina Gunke, pictured here a few years ago, is a famous actress in Sweden.

Nina Gunke (66) appeared on Swedish TV on Sunday and told that she is affected by the dreaded brain disease.


On TV4’s Nyhetsmorgon informed Gunke that she realized that something was not right when she suddenly began to forget remarks.

The Swedish actor veteran, known from among others «Hedebyborna», «Varuhuset», «Medicinmannen», «Livet i Fagervik», «Mordene i Fjällbacka: Lysets dronning» and «Before we die», sheds tears in the program when she talks about the tough message she received.

– I did not know what to do with myself, says the 66-year-old, most recently in last year’s series “Breastfeeding room”.

After several checks with experts, Gunke was called with a message to come to the doctor – and that she should be accompanied. Then she realized it was Alzheimer’s she had.

Before seeking help, Gunke eased the veil on friends and acquaintances. They must have reassured her that they also forget a whole lot of things. But Gunke’s problems were worse than that.

THE HUSBAND: Nina Gunke and Samuel Holgersson.

She tells in the TV show that she started to struggle especially hard at work. The seriousness dawned on the actress when she had to do a rather small role. Suddenly she did not remember what to say, and the same thing happened again and again.

In the end, Gunke just ran from the set.

It is clear that the topic is painful to talk about.

– Damn too …, Gunke says while the crying comes.

In addition, she began to feel shame and anxiety about the disease.

– It’s absolutely horrible. I did not want to meet anyone and did not say anything to anyone, says the 66-year-old.

Now that the news is out, Gunke is still relieved.

– I feel very happy today. It’s great to tell, says the film and TV star, who started his career in the 70s.

ROLE: Reine Brynolfsson (Lennart Rask), Mikael Persbrandt (Martin Holst) and Nina Gunke (Anna Holst) in «The Medicine Man» in 2005.

Gunke brings her goddaughter Julia Andrén with her to the TV studio, but emphasizes that her husband, children and the rest of the family also give her great support.

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Aftonbladet writes that the actress has received a stream of greetings after she came forward with the diagnosis.

– I had never been able to believe that it would be like this. But it has been absolutely incredible. It’s really nice, I have to say, Gunke says about all the calls from people who want to support, the 66-year-old tells the newspaper.

– I do not know what will happen in the future. But what happens in the end, I know, she says.

Gunke tells the newspaper that it is one year since she started noticing the problems.

TV4’s Jenny Alversjö posted this picture on Instagram after the TV show:

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