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Actress Oh In Hye Facts: Appearing Without Clothes in the First Film: Okezone Celebrity

SEOUL – Actress Oh In Hye had made a scene in the Korean entertainment world after being found unconscious at his private residence in Incheon, on September 14, 2020, at 05.00 KST.

The actress went through cardiac arrest before finally receiving medical treatment and being saved. For a while, the police concluded that the actress was suspected of having attempted suicide.

However, the police are still investigating this suspicion. Given that there were friends of the actress who were at the scene when the incident occurred. Then who is Oh In Hye? Here is a review Okezone for you as quoted from various sources.

Never Appear Naked in Film

Oh In Hye’s name may be common to most people. However, this 36-year-old woman appeared naked in her first film, Red Vacance Black Wedding in 2011.

In the film, she plays Susie, a woman with multiple personalities. Oh In Hye admitted that she was very depressed after doing the bed scene in the film. He is also worried about being criticized by fans and the public.

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Charges of Breast Surgery

Not only that, he also had an unpleasant experience with a doctor. He was accused of having breast surgery. As a result of his statement, Oh In Hye admitted to being depressed.

She felt embarrassed and couldn’t stop crying. In fact, he often drank liquor (alcohol) to forget about this.

Oh In Hye. (Foto: OSEN)

Controversial Appearance

Oh In Hye became a hot topic when she attended the Busan International Film Festival in 2011. Not because of her achievements, but because she appeared too openly at the film festival. *

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