Ad Astra: For James Gray, Brad Pitt is an underrated actor


The director asked David Fincher for advice to guide the star.

Ad Astra comes at the end of a long post-production process and ended for the Venice Film Festival. After several changes to the release date, it was decided that the film would be visible on September 18 in theaters. Brad Pitt is ready to leave for Neptune, to find out what happened to his missing father, played by Tommy Lee Jones.

James Gray and Brad Pitt have already worked together: the actor's production company, Plan B, supported the director's previous film, The lost city of Z. This time, he finds himself pushed in front of the camera in this family drama on a science fiction background. For the occasion, Gray said Los Angeles Times having asked David Fincher for advice on driving the star. They collaborated Se7en, Fight Club is The strange story of Benjamin Button, for which the actor's performance earned him his first Oscar nomination for a leading role.

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"He is a particularly subtle actor"says James Gray,"to a point I never imagined. He is extremely intelligent, very astute, and understands human behavior perfectly. In a sense, and it's crazy to say, I think he's an undervalued actor. From a technical point of view, in particular. And it's a pleasure to work with someone of this caliber."

It is a revelation for the director, confident in the film's performance: "He can do everything, you give him some information and he does his part. Think, throw the camera and suddenly you can see the inner work, the excitement. This is an incredible performance for me. There is no overplay. I have no idea what the public will think, but for me it's really good work." Ad Astra will be released on September 18 at the cinema. Attention, imminent take-off.

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