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The world football player expresses for the first time in detail after the sexist scandal

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World soccer player Ada Hegerberg

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The 23-year-old Norwegian was asked by the moderator during the ceremony as the best football player in the world, if he could waver his ass. Now Ada Hegerberg talks about the scandal and declares its values.

DNorwegian footballer Ada Hegerberg made his first statement about the sexist scandal at the "Ballon d'Or" ceremony a few days later. During the tribute, a week ago, the moderator Martin Solveig asked suddenly the 23-year-old professional player of Olympique Lyon, if it were possible to "twerk" – with the buttocks moving badly.

The 1.77-meter striker, at Anfeindungen, apparently cool as before the gegenerischen housing, had neutralized the derailed Solveig with a short "No" and then left the stage. Now he was reviewing the evening in front of the English "Guardian" – and elegantly moved back onto the uninviting ground.

Scandal sexist scandal at the ceremony

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Martin Solveig causes a scandal at the Ballon d'Or ceremony. The DJ, who moderated the event, invited the saleswoman Ada Hegerberg to twerk.

Hegerberg stressed that he felt it was important that "in any situation where this topic (sexism; d. Red.But she has no intention of triggering a sexist dispute and would rather face her footballing love and the very important prize for her.

Hegerberg: "easy to lose"

"I would not be the player I am today if I did not defend my values," said Hegerberg, "for what I am passionate about, in which I believe." And with a slight movement of the side, he underlined the difficulties – as well as in honor – that accompanies female soccer professionals in their careers. "It's easy to get lost on the way," Hegerberg revealed, "and you have to make tough decisions." Your conclusion: "Stay true to yourself".

Forward at full steam: Ada Hegerberg's storms for the French club Olympique Lyon – and fire strikes left

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Then the woman, obviously very diplomatic, has still made an appeal to women's football and the task of the protagonists of the business. "Our job is to work hard," Hegerberg said. "Every woman is responsible for moving out of the comfort zone every day to offer good football".

Ada Hegerberg on the rebuke of sexism

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The winner of the Ballon d'honneur Ada Hegerberg will be invited to the award ceremony by the moderator Martin Solveig. Following, the comments of 23 years.

In the end, he stretched the bow, towards a neutral set with respect to gender. "It's a long way, there are small fights and bigger fights," he said. "We do not have to be alone, we need help from bigger organizations, including men," said Hegerberg, "who have the power to make a difference."

The fact that the "Ballon d'Or" was assigned to a woman for the first time in history was worth the Norwegian comment. Now it is an event "that celebrates the best footballers in the world, men and women, mutual respect is there," said Hegerberg, "there is no difference".

This is what Luka Modric says after her prize

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Luka Modric is proud to announce that she has won the Ballon d'Or. The Croatian also recalls the players who have been beaten in the past by Ronaldo and Messi.


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