Adam Cole overcomes distractions and maintains the NXT championship


Adam Cole was able to overcome a handful of distractions, many of which came from Johnny Gargano, about to defeat Akira Tozawa to maintain his NXT championship. The crowd at EVOLVE's tenth anniversary saw a great game, with Tozawa and Cole giving their all. At the end of the day, however, Cole has moved away with the belt still in his possession, proving to the world that it will be hard to bring him to the ground.

For a complete analysis of the game, see below and make sure you follow our coverage of the event:

Tozawa kicks Cole over the head and raises his head, but Cole sweeps his legs and Tozawa's head snaps onto the turnbuckles as he descends. Cole hits a burglar and mocks Tozawa, kicking him in the back of his head before declaring that he will be the NXT champion forever. Tozawa takes Cole on his shoulders and hits a slam site, then follows with a seated kick and a suicidal tope in the barricade. Tozawa leaves for another but Cole leaves, but Tozawa sees it coming and ends up redirecting and hitting a senton, but his leg remains stuck in the guardrail.

Cole returns Tozawa to the ring and hits a blower for two, then Tozawa connects with an enziguiri and contracts Cole and hits a late punch. Cole returns with some strikes and gets his title, but Johnny Gargano comes out and taunts him, bringing Tozawa a close fall. Tozawa hits a suplex and a 360 enziguiri, then heads up and goes for a senton. Cole gets on his knees and hits Panama Sunrise, then hits the last blow for the win.

reported: EVOLVE results and 10th anniversary coverage


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