Adam is looking for Eva: Jan Sokolowsky and Emilija Mihailova have sex in front of the camera?


While "Adam tries Eva" (24.11, 23:30, RTL) the candidate Emilija Mihailova enters the "Regina Atlantis", Adam Jan Sokolowsky is completely swept away by beauty. Prompt take the two times a little closer to the microscope …

Jan Sokolowsky and Emilija Mihailova
Photo: MG RTL D

Oh lá lá! Who comes to swim there? The "Adam in search of Eve" candidate Jan Sokolowsky is amazed when he discovers the new Eva Emilija Mihailova in the water in front of the "Regina Atlantis". His joy is even greater when he finally admires the beauty on board. Because the winner of "Love Iceland" 2017 prefers or better who sees there. The candidate Emilija Mihailova is optically part of her prey scheme. "A new Eva, nice to be there," Jan says happily and also Emilija seems very fond of Adam. They both look at each other intensely, tilting their heads – if they were not already naked, they probably undress their eyes …

Adam is looking for Eva

Adam tries Eva: "Shut up!" Emilija Mihailova snaps

"Adam is looking for Eva": Jan and Emilija are visually a dream couple

Clearly: sparks sparkle between the "Adam on the eve" candidate! Jan Sokolowsky does not have his permanent smile on the arrival of Emilja Mihailova on board. This is also noticeable for the twenty-nine immediately. "What I thought was very good, which is always very important for a man, is his white teeth," says Emilija. But it is not only the puncture of EX "DSDS" that captures the attention, but also its numerous tattoos. Of this, the twenty-nine also has more than her. Perhaps the reason why the two are so attractive from the first moment?

It becomes intimate between Emilija and Jan

"In any case, this is what I've always described, and yes, you're welcome to watch it twice," says Jan happy, and that's exactly what he does. Because when Emilija Jan's body admires "Oh you also have colored tattoos" and spontaneously shows her tattooed back, she immediately reacts: "Oh, it's beautiful, completely turned around". Of course, only to admire the creative motives on his rump, wink. One thing is certain: between the two it is warm, perhaps soon in the most intimate spheres. Let's see how the "Adam looking for Eva" contest finds …


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