Adam Ko³odziejczyk does not respond to the accusations of Wierietielny. Tomasz Sikora reacted

This is another episode of the brawl in the Polish biathlon. A month ago, the delegates did not choose the only candidate for the chairman of the union, ie prof. Zbigniew Wa¶kiewicz. It struck an avalanche. The competitors, fearing for the future of the discipline, sent a letter to the authorities supporting prof. Wa¶kiewicz, and Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli accused Adam Ko³odziejczyk, a former HR coach, of confusing the team.

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Wierietielny did not leave a dry thread in Ko³odziejczyk. This one does not want to comment

– His views were so abstract to me that I saw no point in this discussion. Such small training loads that he applies, our rivals apply to younger juniors – said the sports director at PZBiath “Sports Review “. Ko³odziejczyk in an interview with TVP sports he countered the allegations. He denied that he was the cause of the confusion and pointed out to Kowalczyk that she had watched his frame only once, and that he was allegedly reading a book. Aleksander Wierietielnywho returned to biathlon after 23 years, gave up outdated methods.

A storm in Polish biathlon. Wierietielny could not stand it. “Ko³odziejczyk is cheeky”

Wierietielny did not leave it unanswered. In a statement sent to and published on Wednesday morning, the experienced coach criticizes Ko³odziejczyk’s achievements and directly accuses him of: poor skills and wasting talents; responsibility for bad results of biathletes and biathletes; manipulations close to lies; attacking Justyna Kowalczyk; persistent sticking to the stool despite lack of success.

“Mr. Adam either wades into a blind street to defend his mediocre Olympic results, or he does not know much about biathlon. Over the past 15 years, this gentleman has had an influence on the training system, the selection of trainers and the results of the Polish biathlon in general. The greater this influence, the worse results our players achieved “- we read in the testimony the legendary trainer Kowalczyk and Tomasz Sikora.

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Zadzwonili¶my do Adam Ko³odziejczykto refer to the charges against him. When he answered, he said that he had heard about the statement from his spokesman. – I absolutely will not comment on it – he said and thanked for contact.

On the other hand, Sikora commented on Wierietielny’s words on Twitter. “The coach, as usual, uncompromisingly and specifically, as in the times of working together. I can only be grateful that I was lucky to get under the wing coach” – wrote the 2006 Olympic vice-champion. Before in an interview with Łukasz Jachimiakhe also agreed with Ko³odziejczyk’s criticism.

The next episode of the Polish biathlon is going to be on Friday. Then the break in the general meeting ends Polish Biathlon Association and then we should meet the new president. A good chance is given to Ko³odziejczyk, who got to the board with the largest number of votes. If this happens, both Justyna Kowalczyk-Tekieli and Aleksander Wierietielny will almost certainly say goodbye to PZBiath.

Grzegorz Guzik (active competitor) and Joanna Badacz (SMS director in Szklarska Porêba, former biathlete) are also to take part in the elections. The duo Kowalczyk and Wierietielny are to support Guzik. It is not known, however, how the fate will unfold in the event of the choice of Researcher.

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