Adamari Lopez falls in love with a leather skirt and white top ideal to give height to the body

After overcoming breast cancer, Adamari Lopez She dedicated herself to a healthy life and exercise, which allowed her to obtain toned legs that she is not afraid to show off in mini dresses and flirty skirts.

With his short stature, he has managed to find the perfect style for his silhouette, seeking to give the illusion of height to his body. To record the morning ‘A new day’, where she is part of the driving team, Aracely usually wears high-cut pieces, such as a short at the waist combined with a spectacular red blazer.

This lengthens her silhouette and makes her look tall, perfect for all short girls like the actress, remembered for her performances in youth soap operas like Amigas y Rivales.

Adamari Lopez dazzles with a leather skirt and white top ideal to give height to the body

Another of the combinations with which he has managed to deceive the eye of the spectators involved leather and lace. The ex-wife of Luis Fonsi posed next to Carmen Villalobos with an outfit that managed to steal the eyes.

Adamari Lopez wore a leather skirt with a bow at her waist. She combined it with a delicate white blouse embroidered with lace details, managing to elongate her body and hide some rolls before the cameras.

The Puerto Rican, married to the coach Toni Costa And with a daughter, she has shared on her Instagram account the intense workouts in which she accompanies her husband, with these she was able to lose a lot of weight and obtain a healthy figure, also giving extra energy to her body.


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