Add reduction to "academic reflection" the amnesty proposal of his experts and admits that this is negotiated by "another lane" with together

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What was announced last week as Sumar’s amnesty proposal will not be such. The coalition has lowered the scope of the text that it will present this Tuesday in Barcelona to a mere “dictum” where around twenty jurists provide “academic reflections” and arguments to protect the constitutionality of a future bill that is being negotiated along “another path.” “between PSOE, Sumar and the Catalan independence parties, Junts and ERC.

Thus, Sumar’s spokesperson, Ernest Urtasun, has emphasized “differentiating” tomorrow’s ruling with the “final proposal” for amnesty, although elements can be drawn from this that inform the articles of the initiative that will be presented in Congress at some point. In this regard, he explained that this bill is negotiated in parallel and that they are in “permanent contact” with the political forces involved, in a “fluid” exchange of “ideas.”

Although Yolanda Díaz was the first to speak about Sumar’s amnesty proposal and that the PSOE also did the same to distance itself and say that it did not represent the entire government coalition, it was this Monday when Sumar changed the passed. On Friday, points were leaked indicating the beginning of the amnesty in 2013, to cover the beginning of the separatist pulse under the mandate of Arthur Mas. Today the fuchsia force responds that this is part of previous documents and says that this point has not even been “decided.” “The information does not correspond to the definitive document,” said Urtasun.

Sumar has had to clarify several key aspects that deflate the relevance of the Barcelona presentation. Firstly, it points out that the experts’ document will not propose a specific article of a future law, but rather will be a set of “academic reflections” in which it will address the “fit” of such an initiative in the Constitution, as well as a analysis of precedents or jurisprudence in Spain and other countries of the European Union.

“One thing is the opinion and another thing is the legislative proposal,” say sources from the party. The final text could be presented jointly among supporters of the amnesty, something that is also being talked about.

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