Added Jeanne, Angle and Bigflo and Oli make the doubling

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While the Grammy Awards will be held in Los Angeles on Sunday, the French equivalent of the ceremony, the Victoires de la Musique, held this Friday evening the Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt. With a sense of warm humor as always, Daphn Burki presented an evening of suspense for almost three and a half hours, which carried out his mission of celebrating the diversity of French musical creation. No less than 25 artists have succeeded on stage to represent the best of the 2018 year, according to the professionals who took part in a large vote organized for two months. A magnto has in particular paid tributeMaurane, who died in May 2018 and the teacherCharles Aznavourwith a cover "For me, formidable" provided by Clara Luciani,Camlia Jordanaand Jeanne Added. And this reward is really the last one that was the great winner of the evening!

The evening of doubles

With his second album "Radiate", which performed the superb title song live, Jeanne Added won the award for best rock album and created the surprise by winning againstVanessa Paradisand Christine and the queens as a female artist of the year. A double that was not the only one of the evening! After being crowned by the public for "Pity" last year, Bigflo and Oli were applauded by the profession: the two rappers of Toulouse were named Best male artists and received the award from the urban music album for "La dream life ". Corner, she, won a reward for the clip "To forget everything" with her brother Romo Elvis before grabbing the price of the album Révolution. A trio of shock!Orelsanand Damso, each won a prize: the first for the best shots, the second for the rap album ("Lithopdion"). In other categories, the scene in charge has been assigned to Clara Luciani, who has all agreed with her "Grenada", whileCamlia Jordanaended his crazy year after a tsar assuring his first win for "Lost", the best album of world music.

Only one reward was awarded after the public vote, that of the original song of the year. The fight was squeezed on social networks but Boulevard of the Airs was imposed in the last straight line with "I say you too". The group, which produced a particularly successful symphony show, won the first victory of his career.

The handhelds of 2019 Victoires de la Musique

Female artist

Vanessa Paradis
WINNER:Added Jeanne
Christine and the queens

Male artist
WINNERS:Bigflo & Oli
Etienne Daho
Eddy di Pretto

Rvazione dell 'album
WINNER:Corner – "Brol"
Fo – "He"
Roni Alter – "Roni Alter"

Rvlation scene

Tim Dup
WINNER:Clara Luciani
Taxi therapy

Album of songs

Christine and the Queens – "Chris"
WINNER:Alain Bashung – "Upstream"
Alain Chamfort – "The chaos of things"

Rock album

Traffic Light! Chatterton – "The Fowler"
Miossec – "The survivors"
WINNER:Jeanne Added – "Radiate"

Urban music album

Eddy di Pretto – "Cure"
WINNERS:Bigflo & Oli – "The life of dreams"
Aya Nakamura, Nakamura

Rap Album
WINNER:Damso – "Lithopdion"
Moha the shark – "Bendero"
Georgio, XX5

World music album

Fatoumata Diawara – "Fenfo"
WINNER: Camlia Jordana– "Lost"
Delgres – Mo Jodi "

Electronic music album
WINNER:The Blaze – "Dancehall"
She she"
Synapson – "Super 8"

Musical show / Tour / Concert

Eddy di Pretto
WINNER: Orelsan

Shaka Ponk

Audiovisual creation

Jain – "Okay"
Orelsan, Damso – "Weird dreams"
WINNERS:Angle, Romo Elvis – "To forget everything"

Original song
WINNER:Boulevard des airs – "I say you too"
Louane feat Julien Dor – "Noon on November"
Aya Nakamura – "Djadja"
Orelsan feat Damso – "Weird Rêves"



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