Addiction, heart problems … The side effects of pointed sleeping pills


Insomnia, snoring, apneas, nocturnal awakenings … To correct these sleep disorders, which affects one in three French, the solution is often medicated. In his latest special issue on sleep out Thursday, the magazine 60 million consumers devotes a file to these numerous treatments such as Stilnox, Zolpidem or Donormyl which accumulate side effects sometimes serious and unknown to consumers.

Treatments too long for 70% of consumers. If you take prescription sleeping pills first, what you need to know is that addiction happens very quickly. After only four weeks of treatment, one becomes physically dependent and stops in safety, the best is to do a weaning accompanied by a doctor. It should also be noted that these treatments do not require more than five days, but one study shows that 70% of people who take it for more than six months.

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Gradually, the body becomes accustomed to the active ingredient and to be active, it is necessary to increase the doses

So it is little known, but also sleeping pills like Stilnox or Zolpidem can have surprising effects on behavior, such as making patients very aggressive or even pushing them to suicide. Finally, in the case of sleeping pills without prescriptions such as Donormyl or Phenergan, the main problem is that patients mistakenly consider them harmless.

The elderly must be particularly vigilant. "These drugs create a phenomenon of addiction, which does not necessarily mean dependency", summarizes Adeline Trégouët, editor-in-chief of 60 million consumers. "Little by little, the body becomes accustomed to the active ingredient and to be active, it is necessary to increase the doses.And if we increase the doses, we increase the side effects, such as drowsiness, confusion, visual disturbances, heart problems …". Older people should be particularly vigilant with these sleeping pills as they can aggravate kidney or liver problems.


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