Health Additional measures for mink farms against coronavirus spread ...

Additional measures for mink farms against coronavirus spread NOW

The cabinet has decided to tighten hygiene measures for mink farms and to conduct stricter research into the possible sources of contamination in the companies. Minister Hugo de Jonge of Health, Welfare and Sport and Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality report this in a Friday Letter to parliament.

At the moment, mink infections have been found in 22 Brabant and Limburg mink companies. In August, the cabinet expects more clarity about how these infections could have happened.

Employees of the companies will all be required to wear face masks and face covering from Friday and the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority will monitor compliance with the measures more strictly. The Outbreak Management Team is asked for advice.

Due to the corona crisis, it is prohibited to transport minks nationwide. Now companies are allowed to apply for an exemption from this prohibition in order to transport the animals to another location. This is only valid when animal welfare is compromised at breeding farms, because mink pups have nowhere to go and there may be a lack of space.

Precautionary research was carried out at eighteen rabbit farms, because it has previously been shown that rabbits are also susceptible to infection with the corona virus. This study did not provide evidence for infections, but now all forty Dutch rabbit farms will be examined.



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