Adeev meets with Bryanskaya, but she does not with him

Alexey Adeev continues to mislead his fans, who learned from Dmitry Vasiliev’s live broadcast that Lyosha made up with Anya and was already kissing her… Information from the scandalous couple comes in different ways. Adeev meets with Bryanskaya, but she does not meet with him. Alexey, while communicating with subscribers, assures the audience of House 2 that the girl has practically forgiven him, she is in his heart forever, which means that they are together. Anya refutes his words.

Bryanskaya is ashamed to admit to fans that she forgave Adeev, who raised his hand to her and at every convenient moment tries to shame her in front of everyone. She no longer needs a sick relationship. She is not with Vasiliev, who does not hide that he was disappointed in her after a couple of days of acquaintance, and not with Adeev. By itself, which is very convenient, given Bryanskaya’s manner of leaving at night outside the perimeter and communicating with several gentlemen at once.

So the participants of House 2 are running in a circle, but Bryanskaya, unlike Adeev, has a list of people who want to get on the project, including the dancer with whom she texting and walking around town… And Adeev, except for Dasha Vogel, has not yet seen any of the fans.

As we already wrote on the sloka, Alexei’s new passion brought a cat and left for her business. And who is deceiving the public, we will find out on sloka in a couple of days and discuss the further fate of this couple on a reality show. Do they need to be together and why do TV show organizers allow such pairs to form? They made a bet on how soon Bryanskaya will go to the emergency room?

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