Adel Imam is in a coma..and these are the details

After the death of the Egyptian actressSuhair Al-BabliAt the age of 86, the case of the death of the Egyptian actor has returnedAdel Emam​To the fore again, as a number of social media pioneers believed that Imam, who had not recently seen his fans, may have fallen into a coma, according to their description, and this was not revealed to the public.
On the other hand, the rumor of Imam’s death has been frequent recently, but his brother, producer Essam Imam, said during a telephone interview on the “Happening in Egypt” program on MBC Egypt: “In some of these rumors, a very severe transgression occurred and in a way Unnatural, and I don’t know why some people repeat such rumors… The leader plays with his grandchildren, solves crossword puzzles and lives his life.”

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