Adel Imam "zero" and Fifi Abdo one and a half


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"The first pay in his life was a pound and a half, he took a pound and gave the drummer a quarter of a pound and the Ukrainian player a quarter of a pound", said the artist Vivi Abdo during his interview with Al-Mashhad on the BBC channel with media journalist Gazelle Khoury.

Video of Abdo

On the occasion of Vivi Abdo's speech for his salary, we monitor the salaries of the artists at the beginning:

Adel Imam

The great artist Adel Imam said in more than one interview that he started his life from scratch, and this is not a metaphor, because he worked in many plays to attract attention to him.

Adel Imam appeared in the comedy "Village Revolution" and repeated a single phrase "sweet sweetness from the prevention mill", and participated in the work for free to demonstrate her talent and efficiency, and gained a good reputation after her genius in "very secret" show with Fouad Eng and Shweikar, In the production of the novel "I, He and She", in which Adel Imam plays the role of the secretary, which echoed "a country with true testimonies", Adel Adel signed for the same role in the cinema for 50 pounds.

Mahmoud Hamida

The artist Mahmoud Hamida said that the compensation for the film "The Emperor" was only LE 2,000, after taxes and the deduction of the value of the union of representative professions.

Hamida, during his meeting with the program "Salon Anushka", broadcast on the dmc: for what he asked me in the film, Ahmad Zaki and I had 102 thousand, because Ahmed Zaki was Bayakhd 100 thousand and I 2000.

Mahmoud Hamida – The emperor

Sawsan Badr

Sawsan Badr, on the evening of "DMC Evening" on the dmc channel, told the media that he appeared in the first role as a dumb fellow on a TV evening with artist Abdullah Ghaith during his studies at the Film Institute Superior, and then received 10 pounds for participation in the evening.

Sawsan Badr talks about his artistic beginnings

Mohamed Henedy

During the meeting with the program "His Excellency" with the artist Eisad Younis, the artist Mohamed Henedi that the artist Farid Shawqi signed with him the first dramatic roles, in the series "Bakhil and I "in 1991 for 750 pounds, and described:" The amount for Lia was terrible and good High ".

Henedy – His Excellency

Never Ezz El Din

During the 100 question program, Al-Hayat broadcast by Lebanese television channel Raghida Shalhoub, revealed that he had received £ 21,000 for his first job in "Trip of Love".

Never Ezz El Din

Hassan al-Raddad

During the interview with "Anouska Salon", the artist Hassan Al-Raddad revealed that he earned £ 500 for his appearance as Compasses in Khaled Youssef's "Legal Betrayal".

Prince of Karra

The artist Amir Karara in "Anushka Salon" said he started his career with a salary of only 150 pounds.

Fayoum Fouad

The artist Fayoum Fouad, in the program "clearly" presented by the media Amr Al-Leithi on Al-Hayat, claimed to have been very wrong because of the theatrical work and not to focus on the other arts, adding that the first pay paid it was 750 pounds in 1997, Days on the hangar theater.

Fayoum Fouad



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