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Adele surprises again with her beauty and a black mini dress when she reappears on her 32nd birthday

Everyone waited for them and the star of the soul fulfilled! On the occasion of her 32nd birthday, the singer Adele reappeared on social networks and from his Instagram account he published a photograph in which beauty and glamor overflowed, showing off his new image: a thinness with extreme joy.

With a Black mini dress with high neck and bulging sleeves, fitted to her slender figure, lThe British woman left many people open, after remembering that she is a new woman and that she managed to lose more than 45 kilos to regain her life after her divorce with businessman Simon Konecki.

More than 25 thousand comments from her fans just one hour after her photo was published, she showed her happiness for the surprise that the singer gave, celebrating another year of life.

“Thanks for the birthday. I hope everyone stays safe and sane during this crazy time. I would like to thank all of our lifeguards and essential workers who keep us safe while risking their lives! They really are our angels, “Adele wrote as she posed from her mansion in the UK and thanked the medical staff who are caring for the sick in her country during this pandemic.

One of the best voices of this century, due to her style and songs, conquered the entire world when her talent was recognized and she released her first album called “19”, in 2008. Since then fans have followed her and acclaimed her for his matchless voice.

After a year away from the networks, Adele returns

Already in January of this year, it surprised the whole world when being seen in a Anguilla beach, with his friends Harry Style and James Corden. Laughing and showing off her slim body, the singer made herself look unrecognizable for her weight loss.

After reappearing in the despues de party of the delivery of the Oscars 2020, Adele’s transformation has revolutionized the media, impacting that celebration by wearing a tight animal dress print that left her slim waist in the eyes of all the attendees.

From that moment, the paparazzi and her fans were attentive to each appearance of the famous singer, who was constantly besieged to capture her new image and everything she decided to do with her life.

Another appearance took place in the wedding of her friend Laura Dockrill in London, United Kingdom, where he sang and even officiated the wedding in a symbolic way.

And now she reappears again from her Instagram account, where her last publication dates from December 23, 2019, when she showed the result of her famous diet with which she managed to lose weight and become the beautiful and confident woman, determined to be happy for him. welfare of his son Angelo.

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