Adjust Your Diet to Reduce Acne with These 7 Tips

Growth hormone is very much found in cow’s milk, such as IGF-1 and Bovine. Every time you absorb these hormones, skin health can be disrupted.

Whey Dairy products also have androgenic effects that can disrupt hormones and cause acne.

3. Reduce Salt Consumption

Excessive consumption of salt is very dangerous for health. In addition, the iodine content in salt also causes the growth of acne.

So, it’s better if you can reduce salt intake.

4. Avoid Foods with High Glycemic Index

Foods with a high glycemic index contain carbohydrates that can be digested quickly by the body. Thus, blood sugar levels also rise faster.

However, foods with a high glycemic index can cause acne. Some examples of these foods include corn syrup, sugar, white flour, refined grains, sauces, soy sauce, soda, and processed meats with hidden sugars.


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