Admitting Weak Ministry of Finance’s Early Detection, Sri Mulyani: One-third of Supervisors Only D1


Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati admits that the early detection system for employees at the Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) is still weak. The reason is that a third of the supervisors in his agency only have D1 graduates.

Initially Sri Mulyani explained that there were three weaknesses in the Ministry of Finance’s line of defense. First, there is no uniform attitude from every head of office towards his employees.

“This means that we are talking about more than 900 office heads who need to make improvements in their leadership, in understanding, including detecting know your employees,” said Sri Mulyani in a working meeting with Commission XI DPR RI, Monday (27/3/2023).

Second, in terms of capacity, especially in this case, the rules that are made must be more explicit so that they are able to carry out without judgment or discretion. Sri Mulyani assessed that there is a need for Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) between the Inspectorate General (Itjen) of the Ministry of Finance and related vertical units in carrying out the know your employee principle.

“This will be a step taken by the Inspectorate General together with related vertical units, especially regarding the head of the office who directly supervises the ranks and implementers,” he said.

Third, Sri Mulyani highlighted the issue of supervision at the internal compliance unit (UKI) level. He revealed that a third of his employees at the UKI level only had D1 graduates and had less than two years of work experience.

“In terms of capacity, it is admitted that in this case our UKI has 1,012 (people) with only D1 education out of a total of 3,715 (people) to oversee 78,000 Ministry of Finance ranks. Of the 3,000, it means that a third, 1,000 themselves are D1 graduates with less than 2 years of service,” he explained .

Sri Mulyani further said that 41.8% of them received the training they received so that they had competency in UKI. Plus there are 42 UKI formation positions that are currently still vacant.

“Maybe a little too in 3 years due to a pandemic many of our training programs, we convert them to online and we will accelerate. Indeed the scale is extraordinary at this time, there are even 42 UKI position formations that are still vacant because we are still in a position in the process for the implementation of Baperjakat (Position and Rank Consideration Agency),” he said.

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