ADNOC awards a contract to lease self-propelled platforms worth 4.3 billion dirhams

The Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) announced yesterday the award of a contract worth 4.3 billion dirhams ($1.17 billion) to lease 13 self-propelled platforms to enhance the operational efficiency of its offshore operations, and support efforts to achieve the goal of increasing its crude oil production capacity to five million barrels per day by 2030.

A statement said that ADNOC Maritime awarded the contract to ADNOC Logistics and Services, which confirms the world-class capabilities of the ADNOC Group companies.

More than 80% of the total value of the contract will be redirected to the local economy, through ADNOC’s program to enhance the local added value over the period of the five-year contract, which will contribute to advancing development and economic diversification in the country.

The self-propelled platforms are multi-use assets that enable ADNOC Logistics and Services to carry out operations without a digger to prepare, equip and maintain wells at the lowest costs and from one location, which contributes to raising the operational efficiency of the company’s marine operations.

The platforms are equipped with modern equipment to enable them to provide a wide range of support services for ADNOC’s offshore fields, including the implementation of operations, maintenance services and accommodation requirements for field staff.

ADNOC Offshore CEO Ahmed Saqr Al-Suwaidi said, “The contract that was awarded to ADNOC Logistics and Services contributes to supporting efforts to implement ADNOC Offshore’s plans to increase its oil production capacity, and directly supports ADNOC’s strategic goal, The goal is to raise its production capacity of crude oil to reach five million barrels per day by 2030.

He added, “(ADNOC Logistics and Services) has a proven track record and long experience in the oil and gas sector, and this cooperation allows us to benefit from the services of self-propelled platforms to enhance the flexibility of our operational operations, as well as reduce costs, which contributes to consolidating (ADNOC)’s leading position within The least expensive and carbon-intensive oil producers.”

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For his part, the CEO of ADNOC Logistics and Services, Captain Abdul Karim Al-Masabi, said: “We are pleased with the continuation of the multi-decade cooperation relationship between (ADNOC Marine) and (ADNOC Logistics and Services). He added, “(ADNOC Logistics and Services) is committed to constantly seeking to take advantage of all growth opportunities to achieve and increase the value of the (ADNOC) group.”

Use of platforms

ADNOC Marine stated that, according to the contract that was awarded to ADNOC Logistics and Services, the self-propelled marine platforms will be rented with the accompanying equipment and human cadres working on them.

The platforms will be used in the preparation and preparation of wells and the implementation of pre- and post-drilling operations, in addition to maintenance and safety operations in offshore assets.

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