Adrián Mateos, the king of poker who has already won almost 40 million euros: "The risk of ruin I have is zero"

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As I write these lines, Adrian Mateos win 300,000 euros in an internet poker tournament. It is not even a hundredth of what he has accumulated live in just over 10 years of career. Born in San Martín de la Vega in 1994, Machine He is already among the fifteen biggest winners in history. Her prize money on pet mats totals $38.6 million (€36.1 million). Maybe I would change some to see Atleti win a Champions League.

Among his awards, the four bracelets from the Las Vegas World Series (WSOP) stand out, although there is hardly any prize that can resist him. He has been number one in the world and is the youngest on the list of millionaires. «There are several players ahead who play much less than me. It should be a matter of time to pass them. My goal is to enter the top 10 in two years, at the latest,” he says by phone from London, days after scoring his last big score, more than three million in the Triton Series in Monte Carlo.

The leader of the classification is still far away. It’s the American Kenney Hill (there are no missing letters, his name is written like this), with 65 million. Tenth place is within reach, less than five kilos, a small step for Mateos although it represents an unbridgeable abyss for most professionals.

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