Adult actress So-young “My sister is in prison… ” Confession: Sports Donga

Adult actress So-young revealed her family history.

On the 24th, on the YouTube channel Puhaha TV, a video titled ‘Adult actress So-young who visited Jeong Ho-geun as the body of a god’ was uploaded.

Soyoung said, “I’m Soyoung, an actress belonging to MIB19. After introducing himself as an AV (adult video, adult film) actor,” he said, “I was originally working as a reenactment actor for three broadcasting stations, and I saw the phrase ‘19IP’ on the actor’s website. I was curious, so I contacted him (it was an adult actor) and he introduced me to the agency,” he said, explaining the reason why he became an adult actor.

Jeong Ho-geun said, “So-young is a strong woman, but she is angry and sad because of her family. Still, I cannot turn my back on my family.”

Soyoung said, “This is the situation right now. Family disputes continue. Now my older sister is in prison. Because of that problem, there is a big family dispute.”

She continued, “My sister was involved in voice phishing. I didn’t know it at first, but later I found out. He was arrested for carrying a watch. He delivered fake luxury watches through voice phishing. My sister received the watch and sent money to the head office for two or three months,” he confessed.

So-young continued, “My sister was caught as a current criminal because she did it even though she knew it was a crime. He was imprisoned and sentenced to two years and six months in prison. The problem is that there are too many things that have popped up before that. My sister made a lot of loans in her mother’s name. My father doesn’t know that, so I have to secretly fix it.”

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Soyoung also revealed that she had a new illness. On this day, Jeong Ho-geun advised So-young that he should serve God and asked if there were any shamans in the house. So-young replied, “From my grandmother to my great-grandmother, a shaman.” Ho-geun Jeong said, “I am a shaman. Namshin stands behind him and looks at me. Doesn’t it come to you in your dreams?” he asked.

Soyoung said, “Yes. He was very sick,” he said, saying that he often had special dreams such as precognitive dreams. Soyoung said, “After I got sick, three tigers came down from the sky, and I had a dream that I was riding down on the biggest tiger. I woke up from another dream and my heart felt like it was going to explode. “I saw a girl rummaging through her bag while she was sleeping,” he said.

Jeong Ho-geun said, “So-young is a religious person while learning. When we accept the will of God, things will work out for us.” Entertainment Sports News Team [email protected] More articles by the reporter

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