New week, new free games are back in the Epic Games Store. This week the adventure game “For The King” is offered free of charge, which can be played alone or online with others. If you hit the Epic Games Store until April 30, 2020, you can download and play the game again at any time from your game library.

For The King is a challenging mix of strategy, turn-based combat, and Roguelike elements. Each game cycle is unique thanks to procedural cards, quests and events. Explore Fahrul in single player, local or online co-op mode.

For The King

Unique dice game-inspired combat system!

Fight and die together as a squad in fast-paced and brutal turn-based battles with a unique slot system for attacks and special abilities.

Rogue-Lite and replayability!

Each game round is unique through procedurally generated cards, quests, looting and events. Use discovered lore snippets to purchase weapons, items, NPCs, classes, events, and more for your next game play!

Several ways to play!

Play either in single player, cooperative, local or online. Divide the group to cover more areas or stay together for better protection!

A wealth of additional content!

For The King offers content to expand the game, including Dungeon Crawl, Frozen Expanse Adventure, Gold Rush Un-Cooperative-Mode, Into the Deep and more!

If Epic doesn’t meet your taste this week, you may be more lucky the next week and then find it again.

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