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If CES has not yet officially started, brands have taken advantage of this day to reveal some nice innovations. After the conferences of LG, Sony, Samsung and Qualcomm, Pepcom has become an essential show on which many brands have announced new products.

Less than 12 hours before the launch of CES, the atmosphere is in full swing. Return to the video on the highlights of the day:

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Samsung: TV, TV, TV

He expected Samsung to turn the corner for his annual conference at CES. At 24 hours from the opening of the show, the Korean giant has first formalized a new range of 4K TV with MicroLED technology. This is none other than what was used last year in the giant screen called "The Wall". This last one was presented in an even bigger format this year (219 inches!) And it should cost over $ 100,000.

Samsung 8k

Samsung has not yet released prices for the smaller MicroLED screens that have been shown, nor the release dates. If the MicroLED will be commercially viable within two or three years, we can now update with the new QLED 8K televisions that have been made official today. Note that all Samsung TV news will be compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants, as well as AirPlay.

In addition to televisions, Samsung has quickly evoked the progress of its voice assistant Bixby and its integration into the various home appliances of the brand. Several use cases were highlighted during the conference, such as lighting an oven directly from the brand's refrigerator screen through the voice.

We will not forget the new Odyssey gaming computer or the new Notebook 9 Pro.

Announcements during the Pepcom

Pepcom belongs to all these small exhibitions around the CES in which many brands participate. It is in line with the CES Unveiled as many start-ups participate in tonight to expose their news. Large groups usually also have a booth where they present some of their latest products.

The first smartphone with a folding screen

Royole presented the world's first flexible smartphone: the FlexPai. He took all the giants like Samsung or Huawei who gave more or less details on similar projects. As expected, the rate is particularly high and more than $ 1,300 is needed for the base model.

smartphone flexpai

Oledcomm unveils a more powerful LiFi solution

Oledcomm's French rely on light communication to offer a new solution to WiFi. The technology used, LiFi, offers significant advantages such as security, speed or simply an alternative to WiFi in areas where it is not allowed. This year we saw an evolution of their first lamp, the MyLiFi.

oledcomm lifimax

Calling LiFiMax, this solution clings to the ceiling like a smoke detector and can transmit an Internet connection for up to 16 users over an area of ​​28m2. The bit rate we could test is much more powerful than MyLiFi: 70 MB / s download and send for LiFiMax, against 10 MB / s for their first model.

Anker: a delivery date for its mini USB-C charger

Last October, Anker presented a very small USB-C mini-charger (similar to the size of a classic iPhone's charger) and a 30-watt power at a conference. Called PowerPort Atom PD 1, it can charge an iPhone, but also an iPad Pro or even a 12-inch Macbook. Two other 60-watt and 100-watt versions should see the day in the coming months.

Anker loader

If this new quick charger was originally launched in December in the United States, the company suffered some delays and the first shipments in January confirmed a manager. The price is ultra competitive as it takes $ 30 for a product like that. In all likelihood, it should arrive quickly on the European market.


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