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Advertisers are pulling back, or want to talk after the statements of Johan Derksen

Many companies that advertised in the commercial breaks around the television Veronica Mars The Inside to stop this, or would like to speak with the sender. This happens as a result of rulings of fixed-analyst, Johan Derksen over the anti-racismedemonstraties in the Netherlands.

A media company Talpa, which owns Veronica mars, didn’t want to comment on the acts of the parties, but to let you know that the statements made in the programme to be borne by the people at the table. “Veronica, it is the freedom of speech and the intentional hurting of our fellow-beings, or groups of the population”, a repeat, a spokesman said in a previous statement.

Derksen said on Monday, in Veronica Mars The Inside it is not too bad with the racism in the Netherlands and he made a comment about a tegendemonstrant that ‘Black Lives Matter ‘protests’ in Leeuwarden, the netherlands as Zwarte Piet, dressed had. “We know for sure that this is not the Akwasi is,” he asked of the man, that is, a plate carried with the text ‘Zwarte Piet Lives Matter’. Dutch Rapper Akwasi is a well-known anti-racism activist.

Albert Heijn and stop for the time being, advertising

Dutch retailer Albert Heijn, said, as yet, no reclametijd want to around the program. The company stresses, is not a sponsor of Veronica Mars The Inside and it doesn’t have to be about the arrangement of the commercial breaks. There is, however, as a result of the representations of Derksen with Talpa. In addition, the Albert Heijn indicated that it does not advert to the want to be on the show. “It was in the Albert Heijn supermarket is no place for discrimination,” writes the company.

Brewer, Bavaria, is one of the main sponsors of the program, the expenses will also be statements from Derksen. “We are a family-owned business, and we want to bring people together. Bavaria is the beer with a nod and a wink. However, we are of the opinion that the verdict of Johan Derksen is not a joke and is too far away,” says a spokesperson at the bbc news.

The company has let us know that the sponsorship deal with the VI this month, it expires and is not renewed. “It had already been decided and it has nothing to do with any of the statements made by Johan Derksen.”

Whole-mount and KPN will join

Bookmaker, Tote, is also one of the main sponsors, has not been reached by US, however, the company said in the AD that it is from the decisions, and that there are discussions going on with the channel. And also, KPN is said to distance itself from any form of racism, but it indicates that it is the advertiser, not about the content of the program. However, there will be a meeting with Talpa.

Moreover, fruit farm Month tonight is well-known that it is by no reclametijd and more from around the VI. “These statements are incorrect and in conflict with our values. Month’s as a brand targeted at men, connection, and inclusion, and we strive to create a better world.”

Also, scheermessenmerk It will stop the purchase of advertising. Previously, the company was one of the sponsors of the voetbalprogramma, but It all stopped after that, René van der Jibe two years ago, the transgender community is ridiculous, had been made. It used to be called in the program Soccer Insider and, the RTL broadcast.

Range of the SNS Bank

Bouwmarktketen Range of products and SNS Bank have also responded to the statements on Monday. Companies with Veronica-in the discussion about the remarks made by Derksen. The SNS Bank is to let you know that all forms of racism and discrimination, and to judge, and emphasizes only the commercial breaks have to buy it and are not sponsors of the program.


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