Advertising bets "to be banned during live sports broadcasts" as a result of increasing political pressure

No more involved with Ray: betting advertisements "must be banned during live sports broadcasts" as a result of increasing political pressure

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Advertising bets could be banned during live sports broadcasts already this month, according to a BBC report.

The move follows the political pressure on the amount of advertising bets on television, with over 90 minutes of advertising shown during the football world cup last summer.

BBC Sport has reported that the Remote Gambling Association, which includes among others Bet365, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, has reached an agreement to agree a ban on "whistle-to-whistle" television advertising.

Reports suggest that betting advertisements will be banned during live sports broadcasts

It is said that an agreement has been agreed which includes Bet365, Ladbrokes and Paddy Power

It is said that the agreement will ensure that no advertising will be broadcast for a defined period before and after the transmission of a game.

Reportedly, each game will start before the 9pm watershed but will end after that time.

Anti-gambling anti-gambling activists claim that the use of advertising sports "normalizes" betting and the RGA has previously stated that it was "very attentive to public concerns".

It has been claimed that whistle-to-whistle advertising contributes to the increase in the number of problem gamblers – with a commission report on gambling that suggests that 430,000 Britons can be described as such – and helps to promote child play.

According to the BBC, horse racing will be exempt from the restrictions due to the commercial importance of gambling on its profitability, but all other sports will be included.

The impact of the ban will mostly be felt in football given the financial value of the sport for both gaming companies and issuers.

Nearly 60% of clubs in the first two levels in England have gaming companies as sponsors

The BBC states that horse racing will be exempt from restrictions due to commercial importance

Nearly 60 percent of the clubs in the first two England divisions have gambling companies as the shirt sponsor.

The definitive ratification of the TV ban is expected to be necessary for the responsible gaming industry before it enters into force.

But it has been reported that it is a formality and will come into force as early as this month or at the beginning of 2019.


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