Aemet foresees this autumn in Spain a "heat episode" unprecedented at least since 1950

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At least since 1950 there are no precedents in Spain by one warm phenomenon so “extraordinary and intense” at this time of year like the one that is expected for the next few days, in which temperatures will be more typical of mid-August what of autumnaccording to Rubén del Campo, spokesperson for the Aemet.

Del Campo has detailed that, between next Friday and Wednesdaypeak days of this episode, 30-32 degrees can be reached in large areas of the country, between 32-34 degrees in the Ebro valley and southwest of the peninsula, and up to 36-38 degrees in the Guadalquivir valley.

At this point, and to highlight the very high temperatures, Del Campo has observed that in the National Climatological Data Bank (Aemet) appears as a maximum in the Spain peninsular for October, the 37.5 degrees recorded in Marbella (Málaga) on October 22, 2014, followed by the 37.4 degrees measured in Andújar (Jaén) on October 2, 2004.

“According to the forecasts, these values ​​could be exceeded in the coming days,” stressed the meteorologist who, however, clarifies that one cannot speak of a heat wave in the strict sensethat values ​​above 95% of its series of daily maximum temperatures for the months of July and August of the period 1971-2000 are recorded.

This episode “will not have the adversity” that a hello of heat in the middle of summer, because the most notable thing is how “extraordinary” from a climatic point of view it is that on these dates it is so hot, such as the 36-38 degrees that are expected in the Guadalquivir areas.

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