Aerial shots of ravaged Kenosha. There is a state of emergency in the protracted Wisconsin

The shooting claimed one death and two wounded, Sheriff David Beth originally told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but then it turned out that there were two victims. One shot was hit in the head shortly before midnight on Tuesday. The perpetrator is being searched.

After watching various videos on social media, Beth said that at least one person should be detained: “I am absolutely convinced that we will have him soon.” disarm. He shoots even after he has been knocked to the ground. The man eventually ran away.

The shot was lying in the parking lot and witnesses were trying to squeeze the wound on his head. Then they took him to the hospital.

The shooting was at a gas station, which several people were trying to protect from looting. One was quoted by The Washington Post. The man said he had come to prevent protesters from attacking local shops and that he had learned of the use of tube bombs on social networks: “If police cannot prevent them from throwing tube bombs at innocent civilians, someone has to do it.” The Washington Post wrote that there was no evidence yet that such bombs had been used on Tuesday.

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The FBI is also involved in the shooting investigation.

The third night of the protests

Protests against police violence continued despite a curfew. Protesters gathered around the fence near the courthouse around nine in the evening and threw firecrackers over it. Police put tear gas and pepper spray on them.

Around eleven in the evening, police and protesters clashed at a park on Sheridan Street. Police urged them to break up and not block the road. Because they disobeyed the call, police began firing tear-smelling and deafening grenades at them, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said. Protesters protected themselves from garbage cans and containers and responded with firecrackers.

It would be a miracle if Blake walked

Protests in Kenoshi are taking place because police shot a black man, Jacob Blake, on Sunday. He is in a serious condition in the hospital.

According to lawyer Ben Crump, after several interventions, Jacob Blake is paralyzed from the waist down, the bullets damaged his spinal cord and crushed his vertebrae. “It would be a miracle if Jacob Blake ever went again,” he said. Another lawyer said he had other organs seriously injured.

A protester hiding behind a container throws a smoke grenade back at the police.

Photo: David Goldman, CTK / AP

The police have not yet commented on Sunday’s incident, nor did they publish the names of the intervening police officers. She only stated that she intervened due to a family quarrel.

Police intervened when Blake began boarding his SUV. One of the policemen grabbed his shirt and started firing at him. According to the witness who filmed the incident, the police shouted for Blake to drop the knife. But he saw no knife in Blake’s hand. Blake’s three children, aged three, five and eight, were sitting in the car. The oldest had that birthday that day.

The riots in Wisconsin

Video: AP

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