Aeroflot commented on the turbulent debauch on the Barcelona-Moscow flight


MOSCOW, June 15 – RIA News. The largest Russian airline Aeroflot will include a noisy plane with the Barcelona-Moscow plane landed in Warsaw, and will seek the most severe punishment for recovering the damage caused to the airline, according to the RIA Novosti press service.

The representative of Warsaw Chopin Airport, Peter Rudsky, told Ria Novosti Friday that the Aeroflot plane landed urgently in Warsaw due to an aggressive passenger.

"In this incident, Aeroflot intends to seek the harshest punishment with the recovery of the damage caused to the airline, while Rowdy will be included in the blacklist if it is brought under the administrative or penal responsibility according to the articles provided for in article 107.1 of the Federation Russian BK ". service.

The press service noted that the incident occurred on flight SU2639, en route from Barcelona to Moscow, on June 14, 2019.

"A business class passenger on board an aircraft with external signs of alcohol intoxication, seriously violated public order and rules of conduct on air transport: insulted flight attendants and passengers, refused to obey the legal requirements of crew and the commander of the aircraft "flight", – added the press service.

He did not react to verbal and written warnings. The commander of the aircraft decided to forcibly land at Warsaw Airport. During the arrest, the man resisted the forces of the Polish order. After removing the culprit from the flight and refueling, the plane flew to its destination and landed at Sheremetyevo at 7.40 pm. The departure delay was about two hours.

At present, the forces of order are conducting a pre-investigative check, the question of a criminal proceeding is being defined.

Aeroflot has repeatedly made a proposal to provide the opportunity for crew to use special deterrents. The corresponding bill is being examined in the state Duma and we hope it will be adopted soon ", the message states.

"This measure is admissible in order to limit the physical mobility of people who fear neither a black list nor a high fine, and their actions represent a real threat to flight safety: a crew that guarantees safety and passenger comfort should be able to actively suppress such jokes ", – noted in the press service.



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