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Aeroflot has fined 90290 thousand for huge baggage delays

The prosecutor's office found that problems arose in Sheremetyevo after the transfer of authority to work with passengers on another company

Photo: Stanislav Krasilnikov / RIA Novosti

Aeroflot was fined for large delays in delivering baggage to Sheremetyevo Airport in the capital. According to TASS Ekaterina Korotkova, representative of the Moscow Interregional Transport Prosecutor, the airline's officials will have to pay a total of 290 thousand rubles based on the prosecutor's decisions.

The prosecutor's office for transportation found that the problems with the baggage claim began after the relevant powers of Aeroflot were transferred to Sheremetyevo Handling LLC. The representatives of the latter, according to Korotkova, "did not take sufficient measures to prepare for the complete transfer of the baggage handling functions and did not provide the necessary number of personnel".

In Russia the rules for transporting fruit and plants in luggage will be tightened

At the end of May, Sheremetyevo passengers started complaining massively about delays in baggage delivery. The situation was repeated at the end of June. About 1.5 thousand units of luggage accumulated at the airport: some of the bags had to be removed on separate flights.

The peak of the problems occurred on June 29-30. Therefore, according to the source of RBC, about 9 thousand units of baggage not sent have accumulated at the airport.



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