Aerolineas Argentinas will bring one million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine from China – Télam

Flight AR1050 decol at 13 from Ezeiza.

Aerolneas Argentinas will bring a million doses of the Sinopharm vaccine from China on a flight that left this afternoon for Beijing and that He has his return scheduled for next Thursday, before midnight.


The Airbus 330-200, registration LV-GIF, with the AR1050 nomination, took off at 13:08 from Ezeiza and on its outward journey it made a stopover at Barajas airport, in Madrid, to refuel, before continuing with its journey. towards the Chinese capital.

The flight is scheduled to touch the runway in the Spanish capital on Wednesday at 5.15 local time (1.15 in Argentina), after a little more than 12 hours of flight, while the departure from Barajas is scheduled for 6.45 local time (2.45 Argentina time).

Arrival in Beijing is estimated at 0.55 local time on Thursday, 11.55 on Wednesday in Argentina, taking into account the difference of 11 hours more with the Chinese capital.

According to reports, it is estimated that the loading time in Beijing will be between four and five hours, so the departure from the Chinese capital is scheduled for 5.30 local time (4.30 pm Argentina time), estimating the arrival in Madrid, after 12 hours and 40 minutes of flight, at 11:10 am in Spain, 7:10 am on Thursday in Argentina.

Finally, the last section of the trip contemplates the departure from Barajas at 12:40 Spanish time, 8:40 in Argentina, to land in Ezeiza that same Thursday at 9:50 p.m., after just over 13 hours of flight.

As in the other cases in which flights were made to transport health supplies from China, on this occasion 20 crew members travel aboard the aircraft, including commanders, co-pilots and technical personnel.

Flight details

The departure of the flight was announced by the president of Aerolneas, Pablo Ceriani, through his account on the social network Twitter, in which he indicated that “for the transfer of vaccines, which in this case require a refrigeration between 2 and 8 C“Envirotainers” will be used, which are special containers with active temperature control.

“This allows us to transport a greater volume of vaccines in the hold of the aircraft”, completed the owner of Aerolneas Argentinas.

Ceriani had advanced in his publication on the social network that “in total there will be 48 hours of operation with a stopover in Madrid, plus the loading time at the Beijing International Airport (PEK)”.

“It is estimated that the flight will arrive at the Ezeiza International Airport on Thursday at 9.50 pm,” Ceriani published today.

In turn, in a statement, the flag company recorded that “Aerolneas Argentinas has already made four flights to the city of Moscow” and that on those trips “a total of 1,220,000 doses of Sputnik V have arrived in the country.”

In this case, according to the information provided by the Ministry of Health, heThe game comprises one million doses of Sinopharm that will immunize 500,000 people, since this drug, like most vaccines against Covid-19, requires two applications.

A key requirement for the arrival of the Sinopharm vaccine wasthe decision of the Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, through Resolution 688/2021, to authorize its emergency use and, thus, incorporate it into the vaccination campaign.

The Minister ordered the measure after the Anmat recommended the use of the Sinopharm vaccine based on the provisions of Law 27,573 / 2020 (on vaccines designed to generate acquired immunity against Covid-19), sanctioned at the end of October.

The minister ordered the measure after Anmat recommended the use of the Sinopharm vaccine.

In the case of the Sputnik V vaccine, on Saturday night the presidential adviser Cecilia Nicolini left for Moscow, who in the next few days will analyze with the authorities of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) the setbacks that have arisen in recent weeks and that affected the supply of doses to Argentina.

The Minister of Health ratified in radio statements that approval for the emergency use of China’s Sinopharm was “in the last resort” as Anmat received “the information from the phase 3 trial, of interim analysis, as for all vaccines “.

In addition, the official explained that the control body “made specific inquiries and they have been answered”, a process that in the case of Sinopharm was favored because the Chinese state laboratory carried out phase 3 studies simultaneously in various parts of the world (Arab Emirates States, Egypt, Bahrain, Serbia, Peru, Pakistan, Morocco), but also in Argentina.

In the country, the trials were carried out on a control population of 3,008 volunteers who participated in a “randomized study” (they receive a random vaccine or placebo) from the association of the Chinese pharmaceutical group with the Vacunar network and the Husped Foundation.

The arrival of this million doses of Sinopharm could be the first batch of a series of new purchases, sources who follow the negotiation in detail told Tlam.

The development of Sinopharm has a peculiarity that can be considered a logistical advantage: it does not require a refrigeration below 0 degrees.

It is “extremely safe”

The person in charge of the Sinopharm trials in Argentina, the infectologist Pedro Cahn, told Tlam that the vaccine “is extremely safe” and that the trials have not recorded “serious adverse events related to the vaccine.”

“From a security point of view I can give you a guarantee,” said the infectologist.

“From an efficacy point of view, they (because of the Chinese laboratory that produces it) have reported an efficacy similar to other vaccines,” he added.

The arrival of this million doses of Sinopharm could be the first batch of a series of new purchasesSources who follow the negotiation in detail assured Tlam.

In this sense, the pharmaceutical group that developed the drug, China National Pharmaceutical Group, has already announced that as of March it will be ready to periodically supply significant quantities, well over one million.

“From a security point of view, I can give you a guarantee,” said infectologist Pedro Cahn.

The agreement for the arrival of this million doses to Argentina was signed, among other reasons, after the pharmaceutical company headquartered in Beijing agreed to lower the price of each unit, from 30 to 20 dollars, as advanced two weeks ago. President Alberto Fernndez.

Another of the peculiarities of the vaccine of Chinese origin is that It is based on the inactivated Covid-19 virus itself (the dead version of the germ that causes the disease) and does not use adenoviral vectors (virus that does not have the gene that reproduces it, can carry genetic material from another virus).

Furthermore, the development of Sinopharm It has a peculiarity that can be considered a logistical advantage: it does not require refrigeration below 0 degrees Celsius and can be maintained at temperatures between 2 and 8 degrees, which a common refrigerator can supply, it was reported.


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