Aesthetic operations have increased by 215% in recent years and so has intrusion

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The Spanish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (Secpre) has presented the study The reality of Cosmetic Surgery in Spain 2022l in which a increase in cosmetic surgery interventions of 215% compared to the previous analysis of 2014. Thus, the total number of this type of operations in 2021 amounted to 204,510 in Spain.

The most accomplished are the related to the breast (52.6%), with breast augmentation with implant (27.6%) at the top. The second place is occupied by interventions related to head surgery (23.7%)with blepharoplasty (10.7%) and rhinoplasty (7%) as the most requested surgeries.

The Liposuction (10.5%) ranks third, although it is practically at the same level as body surgery. Among them, those performed by conventional aspiration have much more presence (8.9%) than those assisted by laser, ultrasound or radiofrequency (1.5%).

In fourth position are the body surgery operations (10.4%), with abdominoplasties (6.3%) being the most numerous. In this block, as reflected in the study, intimate or genital surgery becomes important (1.9%), mostly in women, but not exclusively.

In last place are the filled with autologous fat (2.9%), either in the facial area (1.6%) or in the buttocks (1.3%). They are also performed in breast augmentation (0.6%) as an alternative to prostheses.

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