AfD Party Finance: "A Sophisticated System for Masking Donations"

Germany AFD Finance party

"A sophisticated system to mask donations"

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Annelie Naumann

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Amthor wants extensive investigative powers for the presidents of the Bundestag

In view of the AfD donation scandal, the CDU national expert Philipp Amthor is open to the fact that the President of the Bundestag in these cases has more powers in the Enlightenment.

Party donations, which – if prosecutors ask them – do not exist. Donations, but they were very good. AfD has a lot to explain. And the member of the CDU Bundestag and the lawyer Philipp Amthor have some ideas to clear the fog.

DAfD may have presented a partially incorrect list of donors to the Bundestag. This suspicion is addressed to the public prosecutor Konstanz. Amthor considers the sensible punishments conceivable. He accuses the AFD of deliberately operating in a legal gray area and is open to the expansion of the investigative powers of the President of the Bundestag.

WORLD: What consequences could the rights of parties on the AFD have, should it be confirmed that the names of the named donors were incorrect and could be donated with straw?

Philipp Amthor: AfD acts as a self-proclaimed party of constitutional state, but instead of producing transparency, it now only locks behind allegations of legal protection. If the suspicion of a violation of the party law is confirmed, the party must face a heavy fine. It should expect a fine of up to around 400,000 euros. Furthermore, there are various criminal suspicions against people.

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Problems with the law and the order

WORLD: Do you think that the current administration of the Bundestag in the AfD donation scandal is appropriate or should there be more transparency here?

Amthor: It is understandable that the administration of the Bundestag takes into account the investigations of the public prosecutor. His investigative powers are available only very limited. Personally, however, I am open to debate whether and to what extent it makes sense to extend the investigative powers of the President of the Bundestag to such cases.

WORLD: Would it be necessary to change the laws on party financing, for example in the sense that party donations should come exclusively from federal territory?

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Alice Weidel, co-leader of the far-right and anti-immigrant AFD party (alternative for Germany), speaks during a session of the German Bundestag (Lower House of Parliament) on October 17, 2018 in Berlin, before an EU summit on Brexit to be held later in Brussels. (Photo by Tobias SCHWARZ / AFP)

Amthor: The AfD donation deal is not primarily a problem of the current legal situation, but rather a problem of its practical application. Beyond the current Constanza case, however, there is a significant need for a reform of the legal policy in AfD's indirect funding by clubs and alleged parallel actions. Here AfD consciously uses a legal gray area in which the legislator should bring more light. It is unacceptable that AfD is constantly working on a sophisticated system to hide donations.

WORLD: Should the federal government urge Switzerland to reveal what transactions have been carried out?

Amthor: The German investigators have filed a request for legal assistance to their Swiss colleagues. However, its chances of success are likely to be very limited by international criminal law. This is annoying as regards the specific case, but corresponds to the Swiss legal situation. Improved chances of success for dissemination from Switzerland could be obtained if suspicions of fraud and documentary evidence have tightened.



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