“Aff Taksaorn” tells the moment of celebrating the birthday of “Pu Phaiwong”, cute and warm as usual.

“Aff Taksaorn” recounts the moment of celebrating the birthday of “Pu Paiwong”, still cute and warm as before, talks about “New Year” Odds, children of this age have new problems to solve every day. Worried about transferring schools There is a way to raise like a friend, a sister, except when she looks like a mother.

It made me laugh when my mother “AFL Taksaorn Paksukcharoen” Post a picture together in the Techanarong family frame. at the birthday party of Khun Phaiwong with caption ‘Happy Birthday, Grandfather who respects and loves’ Recently (November 22) met Mae Aff at the press conference “GMMTV 2023: DIVERSELY YOURS”, the person told about the moment that day. That it’s still cute and warm as before

“It’s cute and warm as usual. a good chance I usually go to Grandpa. but did not meet face to face Here we met face to face and took the cake and went to pay respect to Grandpa. New year, he wrote a card like a child. He always talked to Grandpa. Grandpa has everything. Grandfather’s happiness now is to be with his children and grandchildren, probably the same. New Year’s persuasion with Grandpa. Maybe it’s because they were very close. When they were young, they were raised by grandfather. It’s a bond that AFL feels. Even though we don’t see each other every week like that. But we still keep in touch.”

“Asking Grandpa, is there anything special? Aff said there was nothing specific. Maybe it’s because Grandpa trusted Grandpa that if there was anything AFL would definitely consult Grandpa. (Grandfather fully indulges grandchildren?) On the one hand, according to Aphna. Didn’t indulge grandchildren because AFL chose (but if grandchildren ask for anything Grandfather approved it?) Yes, but at present, grandchildren do not ask for anything. I met with happiness, that’s all. But if asked, it would be spoilers. But grandchildren didn’t ask for anything.

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“When it comes to making big decisions Ask if you need to consult Grandpa first. You don’t have to. But we would like to discuss and consult with you if possible. Some asked for opinions. Some of them let me know. It depends on the matter.”

Show off your makeup skills Participate in school activities
“Mother can do anything, do it (laughs), then ask his willingness. that he wanted to go and do it with the school team Or do it yourself? Actually, it’s not the first time I’ve married him. Like when he goes to the ballet exam We used to make him show when he had a kid. He had many jobs like this. Fortunately, mom has some skills. That is, we want to have the style that we like. because this picture will keep for a long time That is, we had experiences when we were young. Go back and look at the picture and green eyes, purple eyes block blue eyes. He likes it. Mother does everything to make him like it.

trust your mom No request. Which tone do you want?
“No, trust him, he sees his mother with cosmetics every day. If it’s not an official job, AFL can do it. But if it’s an AFL event, it’s not good. It’s not a very big job. He didn’t even let us teach. At that time, maybe when he was very young, he wanted to do it, but when he grew up That is, we are not going to support him. So he wasn’t a kid who liked to make up or play with makeup.”

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Talk to your beloved child, more beautiful and more beautiful. but still dashing Unlike my mother, I like to dress up. and more fashionable
“It’s better, it means that love is more beautiful and more beautiful. But it’s still rough (different from AFL’s mother?) It’s quite different, maybe just in some things. Well, maybe he likes dressing up, likes matching outfits, looks more fashionable than mom (laughs). He enjoys dressing up. But he didn’t want to do his hair and makeup.”

Oh, raise a child at this age. There are new challenges to solve every day.
“Oh, there are new problems every day. Let’s help each other solve each other, not the only AFL. There is a team that helps. The team is the family. Help each other because sometimes we can’t think analytically and differentiate the child’s problem. We also need other voices.”

what worries now I have just moved to a new school.
“At his age now, it might be when he just switched schools. It was about to grow up. You can stick with friends if it leads to good things. This one is ok. It depends on many factors. But this time is a time of change. He just moved schools. We will be worried about various balances, including studying, friends, and many things.”

Whenever there is a problem, she always consults her mother. Raising children like friends, sisters
“Some stories tell themselves. Some things have to be asked Mostly asked him about studying. Because if it’s a joke, he’ll tell it himself. Or is it a show? About sports competitions, joining clubs, doing activities they like to tell. He is an active child. But if he has any problems, he will come to consult. That is, we raised him like we were sisters. like we are friends Except when scolding, it will be a mother. He will come to consult everything. Or was it something he hadn’t encountered in the past class? Because now he’s growing up steadily. more friends meet more people.”

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being an activity child who began to be more interested in academics
“Academically, he discovered what he was more interested in. Mathematics, science. Since he was young, it didn’t exist yet, right? Now it’s starting to happen. He likes it. Mom is happy. Try to support him without pressure.

Dreams continue to change according to interest.
“Keep changing. What does he start to care about? Suppose he is interested in experimental science. which my mother is not a scientist at all But we try to make it fun for him to continue to like.”

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