Afghanistan, Bremmer: “The biggest mistake? Leaving Bagram in July. After the Isis attack in Kabul, US reprisals are likely”

The biggest mistake, he says, “was leave Bagram Air Base in July: to evacuate all these people needed an area where they could check security, and this is not the case with Kabul airport ”. But the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, second Ian Bremmer – famous American political scientist, founder of the Eurasia study center – also served “lack of planning, incorrect information, unilateralism, a confusing communication strategy. The failure of the war – he says in an interview with Corriere della Sera it’s not Biden’s fault, his predecessors have a greater responsibility, but given that he is handling the evacuation so badly, this will be a big issue for him”.

In the aftermath ofIsis attack at the airport which left (at least) 90 dead and 150 wounded, Bremmer explains that now “the possibility of the US engaging in increases reprisalsbe it bombing or drone attacks. It will be very difficult to maintain evacuation operations until the 31st and the danger of aescalation. Relations with the Taliban will deteriorate very quickly ”, he predicts. “It will be difficult to keep up, and as the Americans reduce their troops it becomes more hard e dangerous operate. It means a huge number of Afghans who would have had the right to leave will be left behind. Ma la deadline of 31 August for the withdrawal, he says, “it will not be postponed: on the contrary, it will probably be brought forward so that it can strike with retaliation ”.

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On the Pressinstead, the analyst Lawrence Korb – former assistant defense secretary and advisor to the Center for American Progress asks to “cancel the deadline on August 31, take matters into our own hands and go save all the Americans left with special operations, probably conducted at night by helicopter ”, because“ it is no longer possible to use the roads. It is risky, but we cannot abandon them. So Biden is talking to the Taliban to allow these extractions. Isis – he explains – attacked to blow up the fragile balance. The question now is this: the Taliban I am able to stop them? If they cannot, it becomes difficult for them to be accepted by the international community, reaping the benefits ”.

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