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Kabul journalists detained and beaten by the Taliban. They reported on the protest to defend women’s rights

In the city of Herat in the west Afghanistan the Taliban hanged the bodies of four alleged criminals in public places. One man’s body was hung on a crane in one of the city’s main squares, while the other three were placed elsewhere, reports the agency AP.

The Taliban said the men were caught in the act of kidnapping and were killed by the police during the shooting.

According to the Taliban security forces, it was possible to save the father and son, who were to fall victim to the kidnappers. One Taliban and one civilian were injured.

“Poles caught us, beat us”. BBC report on the situation on the border with Belarus

The Taliban will restore amputation and executions

Earlier this week, one of the Taliban leaders, Mullah Nooruddin Turabi commented on the organization’s plans to reintroduce severe penalties. As he said, executions or amputations in the country are “very necessary” because they “deter” other people from committing a similar crime.

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi gave an interview to the American news agency Associated Press. In an interview, the leader of the organization said that the Taliban have changed. The changes, in fact, are to mainly concern the approach to new technologies, because, for example, as we recently informed, the spokesman of the organization stated that music would be banned in the country.

Turabi said the Taliban will allow inventions such as television and cell phones to be used because people need it and “take it seriously”. However, Afghanistan’s rights will be based on the Quran as interpreted by the Taliban, and the punishments are to be strictly enforced.

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As recalled by the PA, years ago the Taliban punished the murderers with executions carried out by members of the convicts’ family, the hands of thieves were also cut off, and those convicted of robbery on the highway had their hands and stop.

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