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Original title: Africa Cup – Maneketta vs Senegal 0-0 Guinea Morocco wins

From the evening of January 14th to the early morning of January 15th, Beijing time, the four games of Group B and Group C of the African Cup will start. In Group B, Senegal drew 0-0 with Guinea and Malawi beat Zimbabwe 2-1. In Group C, Morocco beat Comoros 2-1, and Gabon and Ghana drew 1-1.

Group B

Senegal 0-0 Guinea

In the 14th minute, Mane was kicked down by the opponent in the frontcourt. Senegal won the free kick at the top of the penalty area. The free kick shot directly and was blocked by the wall. In the 31st minute, Gilavage received a cross from his teammate from the right, and the goalkeeper saved his shot in the middle of the penalty area. In the 55th minute, Dia headed the goal from the middle of the penalty area and was miraculously saved by the goalkeeper. In the 67th minute, Mane’s midfielder took the ball and pushed it to the side. Sarr got the ball and dunked the defender and pushed the shot wide. In the end, the whole game ended, and the two teams drew 0-0. Senegal and Guinea both scored 4 points after the two games, ranking the top two.

Malawi 2-1 Zimbabwe

According to the latest FIFA rankings, Zimbabwe ranks 121st, and Malawi ranks 129th. This game is also a game of rookies. In the 38th minute, Zimbabwe player Vardy scored a goal to help Zimbabwe lead 1-0. In the 43rd minute, Martin assisted Mhango to score, and the two teams played to a 1-1 draw. In the second half of the game, the two sides changed sides and fought again. In the 58th minute, Mhango scored his second goal of the game. Next, the two sides attacked and defended each other, but neither had a good scoring opportunity. At the end of the game, Malawi defeated Zimbabwe 2-1 and currently ranks third with 3 points, while Zimbabwe is at the bottom with 0 points.

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Group C

Morocco 2-0 Comoros

In the 16th minute, Ashraf made a cross from the right. Tisudali’s shot in the penalty area was blocked. Then Kaebi, who followed up, shot again and was blocked. Amara made another shot and the ball went into the net. Morocco 1- 0 leads. In the 36th minute, Ashraf made a corner kick, Agold headed the goal and bounced off the crossbar, hitting the Comoros goalkeeper again, but still did not cross the goal line. In the 83rd minute, Abharal made a penalty kick, and Ennesri took the penalty kick and was saved. In the 91st minute, Amara made a direct pass from the front of the penalty area, followed up with Abharal’s push, and the ball went into the net. The referee initially indicated that the goal was invalid, but after the VAR referee reminded, the referee changed the judgment to be valid. At the end of the whole game, Morocco defeated Comoros 2-0 and won the victory. At present, after 2 games, 6 points are ranked first, and Comoros is bottom with 0 points.

Gabon 1-1 Ghana

In the 19th minute, Ayou received an assist from Patty and scored a goal, and Ghana led Gabon 1-0. Subsequently, Gabon launched a strong counterattack and has been missing the goal. In the 88th minute of the game, Alevina equalized the score after receiving an assist from Conga. At the end of the game, the two sides played to a 1-1 draw. Gabon ranked first with 4 points in the two games, and Ghana ranked third with 1 point.Return to Sohu, see more

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