African American died after being blocked by policemen and doctors in hospital, shock video from the USA

Irvo Otieno, a 28-year-old African American with mental problems, died after being immobilized by policemen and nurses in a Virginia hospital: the shock video of what happened was released. His mother: “Treated like a dog”.

Pinned to the ground and immobilized until he stopped breathing. The images captured by the video surveillance cameras are going around the world Central State Hospital of Virginiaand disseminated by Washington Postshowing the death of Irvo Otienoa 28-year-old African American with mental problems who went to the facility on March 6th.

In the movie in question we see dozens of people, including policemen and nurses, put on the boy and finally put a white coat on sheet on the now lifeless body of the young man.

According to what has been reconstructed so far, again thanks to video surveillance images, the man arrived in an SUV at the hospital after being transferred from a prison of Henrico County, then officers arrived around the car, and Otieno was taken handcuffed inside of. Here he was seated against a wall but started to move and then police and medical workers threw themselves on top of him to immobilize him.

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After 12 minutes in which the young man was literally pinned to the ground, an agent can be seen shaking his hair, but Otieno does not respond. Another three minutes pass before the start resuscitationwhile the 28-year-old’s limbs are still immobilized.

A preliminary report from the doctors claims that the man is died of asphyxiation and a Virginia prosecutor accused of homocide seven Henrico County deputy sheriffs and three hospital workers.

“My son was treated like a caneworse than a dog – said the young man’s mother, Caroline You, during a press conference –. I saw it with my own eyes in the video. Was treated so inhuman“.

The civil rights lawyer Ben Crump, representing the family of the 28-year-old ne, compared the video to that of the murder of George Floydhandcuffed, pinned to the ground and restrained by Minneapolis police officers in May 2020. “Irvo needed a helping hand. What he got was an overdose of excessive force,” Crump said Tuesday.

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