After 22 years of “Hajj Metwally”, how did the features of the fourth wife, Olfat, change?

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Despite her multiple dramatic participation, the role of “Olfat”, the fourth wife of Hajj Metwally, is considered the most prominent and important work of the artist, Monia, who starred in front of the artist Nour El-Sherif, in one of the most famous and successful drama series, which is the family of Hajj Metwally, which was shown for the first time in 2011. That is, 22 years ago.

Many years have passed since the premiere of the famous series, during which the great star Nour Al-Sharif bid farewell to Dunyana, and the artists Ghada Abdel Razek, Magda Zaki, and Sumaya Al-Khashab made their way towards artworks from cinema and drama, but the artist Monia was absent for a period of time from appearing in the media, Despite her participation in several works, she did not have the same success, so that many people started searching for her? And where did you go?

How did the features of the fourth wife of Hajj Metwally change?

The pioneers of social networking circulated a recent video clip, dating back to the month of Ramadan, in which it appeared Actress Monaand it advertises a place to serve Iftar and Suhoor during the holy month of Ramadan.

Despite the passage of the years, Munya kept her slender figure and her delicate features, which seemed to be advanced.

The truth about a picture spread by the artist, Monia

During the past year, the artist, Monia, spread, “I drew” the fourth wife in Hajj Metwally, in which she appeared with very large features, which prompted her to deny, confirming that it was fabricated, and the artist, Monia, said, during her video intervention on the “Evening DMC” program, which is presented by the media, Iman. The exclusive and broadcast on the “DMC” satellite channel at the time, that her image circulating on social media without makeup was fabricated, explaining: “This image is fabricated, my date of birth is fabricated, and my sign is also fabricated. I am Gemini, social media sometimes exports pictures and things that are not real, and some think They are real and they make spam comments.”

Where did you go after Hajj Metwally?

The artist indicated that she did not disappear after appearing in the series “The Hajj Metwally Family”However, her interest in studying and theater was until she obtained her Ph.D., and was appointed to the National Theater at the Ministry of Culture.

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