World After 73 years of marriage, the Italian couple succumbed...

After 73 years of marriage, the Italian couple succumbed to the « virus

  • So far there have been in Austria 14,508 positive test results (Source Ministry of Social Affairs). As of Friday 9 a.m. are nationwide 410 people the consequences of the Corona virus deceased and 8,986 are again recover.
  • Currently sick in the federal states (5063): Burgenland (110), Carinthia (111), Lower Austria (929), Upper Austria (418), Salzburg (388), Styria (849), Tyrol (1061), Vorarlberg (204), Vienna (993). (As of Friday , 9 clock).
  • Worldwide have been so far a total of 2,064,815 confirmed cases announced. Worldwide have already 512,252 people recovered from COVID-19 (as of Thursday at 9:30 a.m., this figure is based on publicly available data from several sources)
  • After 73 years of marriage, the Italian couple succumbed to the virus
  • Trump plans to reopen the USA in three phases
  • New car registrations in the EU halved in March
  • Fact check: Did corona virus come from the laboratory? Why is that not plausible?
  • Infographics: The corona virus in Austria and around the world.
  • Psychotherapy helpline 0720 12 00 12 offers free help daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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Friday April 17th

A married couple of 73 years has succumbed to the corona virus in Italy. Italo Sparvoli (96) and Ines Marinozzi (95) had spent their lives together and both died of Covid-19. In February, Italo was hospitalized for lung disease, where he was tested on Covid-19. A few days later Ines was also hospitalized. “When my father died, I did not notify my mother of his death because she was already very sick. I didn’t want to burden her any more. But I think she felt in her heart that the man she had spent most of her life with died“, reported Fiorella, daughter of the couple from the city of Macerata in the central Italian region brand. >>> More about the touching story

10.13 a.m .: Austrian government bonds in the morning in positive territory

The majority of Austrian government bond prices were up on Friday in early trading. In return, yields fell in almost all terms, only at the long end there was no change. The yield on the trend-setting ten-year Austrian benchmark bond fell by 2 basis points to -0.01 percent. The spread to the comparable German bond was 45 basis points.

10.11 a.m .: Army Day in Iran: Corona instead of rockets

The corona crisis in Iran has also overshadowed the annual National Army Day. Instead of new missiles or tanks, the army’s recent achievements in the fight against the corona virus were presented at the military parade in Tehran on Friday.

10.09 a.m .: Austria’s last coal-fired power plant stops operating

End of an era: Coal operation in the Mellach district heating plant ends. The last coal-fired power plant produced electricity and heat for Graz for 34 years.

10:08 a.m .: From 2.2 to 1.6 percent: inflation is falling significantly

After 2.2 percent in February. Corona effect hardly affects: price increases for inflation took place before the business was closed.

10:01 am: Millions of people in Africa are starving

With drastic Corona exit restrictions in southern Africa, Amnesty International has urged governments in the region to provide food to their citizens. Millions of people in the region would go hungry because of the restrictions.

9:57 am: Airline “People’s” suspends Vienna flights until June 2

The airline “People’s”, which connects Vorarlberg and Eastern Switzerland with Vienna, is postponing the planned resumption of operations due to the corona crisis. Due to ongoing international travel restrictions, they are forced to suspend scheduled services on the Altenrhein-Vienna route until June 2, it said in a message on Friday.

9:56 am: Mass amnesty in Myanmar: 25,000 prisoners released

Almost 25,000 prisoners are released in Myanmar. As announced by the Presidential Office on Friday, this happens on the occasion of the New Year’s home. The Southeast Asian country, formerly known as Burma, repeatedly grants amnesties on this occasion. Mass pardons on this scale are rare.

9:55 am: AUA extends short-time work until May 19

As predicted by the airline negotiating state aid, the AUA (Austrian) is now extending the short-time work for 7,000 employees by April 20 by one month to May 19. The step is justified in a message from Friday with the worldwide developments around the corona virus and the still valid travel restrictions. There is simply no demand.

9:53 am: Pope regrets masses without believers

Pope Francis regrets that because of the coronavirus pandemic, masses have to be celebrated without believers. Because of this “difficult phase”, the Church was forced to sacraments without the presence of people. However, being a church means “concrete familiarity with the people,” said the Holy Father.

9:43 am: Hospitals and ordinations are to be started up

Many routine examinations of non-corona patients have recently been canceled, operations have been postponed, said SPÖ boss Pamela Rendi-Wagner. Now normal operation must be restarted as soon as possible.

9:41 am: Champions League final scheduled for August 29

That comes out from a report of the BBC. Due to the corona virus pandemic, however, there are still many question marks that mainly affect the way to the endgame. If the competition cannot be completed in the usual manner, a one-week final tournament with knockout games is the alternative.

9.30 a.m .: Now the nursing homes fear a wave of lawsuits

38 infected, several dead, allegedly too little protective equipment: Styrian resident shows her own nursing home. Operators fear that this could not be the only complaint.

09:26: Buchinger temporarily represents colleagues head

AMS board Johannes Kopf is temporarily put off by his committee colleague due to illness Herbert Buchinger represented. “It’s not a bad thing, neither the corona virus, nor anything bad,” said an AMS spokeswoman. “He is sick and is coming back. You don’t have to worry.”

09:26: Fuel price slump dampens inflation

A drop in fuel prices pushed inflation in Austria down to 1.6 percent in March. In February the inflation rate was still 2.2 percent. The drop in energy prices is causing falling inflation rates across the entire euro area. The measures against the spread of the corona virus had only a very limited impact on the calculation of the March inflation rate, according to Statistics Austria on Friday. The price surveys for the consumer price index were mainly carried out in the first half of the month, ie before the coronavirus-related business closures.

9:24 am: Macron stands behind the work of the WHO

The French president too Emmanuel Macron has after sharp criticism from US President Donald Trump expressed his support for the World Health Organization (WHO): In Trump’s video circuit of the heads of state and government of the seven leading industrialized countries (G7), Macron emphasized that WHO played the central role with regard to all states, international institutions and programs The Elysee Palace said late Thursday evening that it had to play with vaccines, health and strengthening health systems. The German Chancellor too Angela Merkel had stood behind the work of the WHO.

09:21: Start of the season planned according to BBC on July 5 in Austria

After the Corona compulsory break, Formula 1 is supposed to head for a season start without spectators in Austria. The race in Spielberg on July 5 could then be followed by two World Cup races in front of empty ranks in Silverstone, the BBC reported, citing a preliminary racing series plan. The Formula 1 leaders had discussed in a video conference on how to proceed in the Corona crisis, but initially postponed decisions.

09:19: Ex-table tennis national league player Ecker died

The corona virus has now claimed its first victim in Austrian table tennis. The long-time Viennese state league player Josef Ecker died in the 68th year of life from the consequences of the viral disease.

9:12 am: Porcia comedy games in Carinthia postponed

The schedule remains upright, the dates shift one day forward in the date. This will open the 60th season on Friday, July 16, 2021.

9:08 am: Easter traffic in Tyrol decreased by 65 percent

The restrictions on curbing the corona virus also had a significant impact on Tyrol’s roads at Easter. Compared to the Easter week of the previous year, total traffic fell by an average of 65 percent. Truck traffic also did not roll to the same extent, but decreased by 37 percent.

9:07 am: 19 new coronavirus cases in Lower Austria

The number of people with evidence of the coronavirus in Lower Austria increased from 19 to 2,446 in the 24 hours from Thursday to Friday, according to the Corona information portal of the Ministry of Health. The medical staff reported 1,498 recovered. 18,269 tests were carried out. To date, 77 people have died in connection with Covid 19 diseases.

9:04 am: More optimism after easing the measures

The easing of the Corona measures has obviously given the optimism of the Austrians a little boost: As a current market survey shows, 65 percent fear a longer-lasting economic crisis, but that is less than the week before (75 percent). The level of acceptance of the measures remains high.

77 percent of the 1,000 over-16s surveyed on Thursday believe that Austria has the corona virus under control and 81 percent believe that better corona management is done in Germany than in most other countries in the EU. Nevertheless, 53 percent stated that the measures had deteriorated their quality of life.

8:59 a.m .: Swatch cuts dividend, supervisory boards their compensation

The slump in demand in the wake of the corona crisis is now forcing Swatch to take further action. The Board of Directors is proposing to the General Meeting of Shareholders that the dividend be reduced. The watch company, hard hit by the lockdown in retail and the tourism industry, protects its own liquidity. Instead of CHF 8, only CHF 5.50 (EUR 5.2) should be distributed per bearer share, as can be seen from the invitation to the General Meeting published on Friday. Holders of registered shares will receive CHF 1.10 per share instead of CHF 1.60 as previously requested by the Board of Directors. Overall, the distribution of the Swatch Group is reduced by around 31 percent or just under CHF 300 million.

8:48: Beyoncé dedicated helpers in Corona crisis Disney song

Pop star Beyonce thanked the helpers with a vocal performance. For the show “The Disney Family Singalong” by the US broadcaster ABC, the 38-year-old sang the classic “When You Wish Upon a Star” from the film “Pinocchio”.

8:47 am: Viennese stock market clearly expected higher before trading

The Vienna Stock Exchange should start trading on Friday with clear profits. An indication of the domestic leading index ATX saw him gain three percent three-quarters of an hour before the start of trading. Tailwind provided specifications from overseas, both from Asia and from US futures. It became known overnight, among other things, that the US pharmaceutical company Gilead Sciences could have found a potent means to combat Covid-19 symptoms.

8:45 am: The choice between illness and hunger in Africa

Women and children are covered in blood on the floor, others trample over them, the police intervenes with tear gas and batons. This brutal scene took place last week at the food distribution in the Kibera slum, in the middle of the Kenyan capital Nairobi. The poor are most affected by the pandemic in Africa. If governments fail to help them, the situation may escalate, experts warn. “I’m giving the government a week or two before it gets worse. Not about the corona virus, but about hunger,” says Kennedy Odede by the aid organization Shining Hope For Communities in the Slum Kibera.

8:40 am: Accident department in Oberwart hospital closed

Departments are closed after a corona case at Oberwart Hospital. Acutely injured patients should now be treated in other hospitals such as Hartberg or Feldbach.

08:38: Medicines of the US group Gilead shows success

A drug from the US pharmaceutical company Gilead Science shows success in the treatment of Covid-19 patients, according to a media report. In a study by the University Clinic in Chicago, Remdesivir, which was originally developed against Ebola, led to a rapid reduction in fever and a reduction in the symptoms of the lung disease.

8:31 am: Soyuz capsule returned to Earth from ISS

The Soyuz capsule with the two US astronauts Jessica Meir, Andrew Morgan and the Russian Oleg Skripotschka landed in the Kazakh steppe on Friday.

8:15 am: New car registrations in the EU halved in March

New car registrations in the European Union collapsed in the corona crisis in March. In the 27 countries of the EU excluding Great Britain, registrations fell by 55.1 percent to 567,308 cars compared to the same month in the previous year.

08:24: Italy discusses vaccination

The vaccine against the coronavirus has not yet been developed, but Italy, one of the countries most affected by SARS-CoV-2, is already discussing the possibility of compulsory vaccination for all citizens. Vice Minister of Health poured oil into the fire Pierpaolo Silerithat vaccination is the only concrete way to eradicate the coronavirus.

8:00 a.m .: Adhere to measures in Ramadan

The Central Council of Muslims in Germany has appealed to the congregations to stick to the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic during Ramadan. “As hard as it is for us to keep our mosques closed during the holy month of Ramadan, it is our religious and civil responsibility to do just that in the current phase,” said the association chairman Aiman ​​Mazyek.

7:40 am: No continuation of the recent dollar strength

The euro exchange rate rose on Friday, somewhat recovering from the losses of the previous two days. The European single currency was trading at $ 1.0874 earlier after dropping to $ 1.0817 the previous evening.

7:33 am: Summer holidays in Carinthia are now booming among Austrians

Inquiry tower and many bookings by Austrian guests for summer holidays in Carinthia, especially lakes in the central area.

07:32: The virtual contact diary has weaknesses

“Stop Corona” is useful when restrictions are relaxed, the Red Cross says. The Kleine Zeitung tested the app. >>> More here

7.30 a.m .: The federal government provides countries with procurement channels

The Ministry of Education wants to make its procurement channels for computers for socially disadvantaged students available to the federal states. For example, larger quantities could be organized on better terms, said the former minister Iris Out Scale, currently Section Head and Chief Digital Officer at the Ministry.

Recently, there were dissonances between the federal government and the federal states regarding the procurement of end devices for those pupils who could not take part in home lessons due to a lack of computers. The federal government announced that it would lend up to 12,000 to students at federal schools (AHS, BMHS). For these, the federal government is also the school maintainer. This means that the compulsory schools (especially elementary schools, new middle schools, special schools, polytechnic schools) are dependent on the support of the states or municipalities.

07:26: Trump wants to reopen the USA in three phases

US president Donald Trump wants to guide the US back to normal in three phases with new guidelines in the corona crisis and gradually reopen the economy. A nationwide closure could not be a long-term solution, Trump said in the White House on the economy. According to data from the U.S. Department of Labor on Thursday, around 22 million people lost their jobs within a month. Trump said, “We need to have a functioning economy. And we want it back very, very quickly.”

07.25 a.m .: infection rate in Germany is falling

According to the RKI statistics published on Thursday evening, each infected person now infects less than one other person, the so-called reproductive rate is 0.7. This means that the number of new cases is falling slightly.

7:10 am: source code to be released next week

The “Stop Corona” app from the Red Cross has already been downloaded around 400,000 times. Individual organizations have already received the app source code, and general release of the source code has already been decided and is slated to take place next week Gerry Foitik, Federal Rescue Commandant of the Red Cross.

7.10 a.m .: Corona crisis brings highest employment decline since 1952/53

The number of dependent employment contracts decreased in March compared to the same month in the previous year by 186,974 to 3,589 million. This corresponds to a minus of 5 percent, according to current social security data. This decrease in employment, both in absolute terms and relative to the previous year, was not only higher than at the height of the past economic and financial crisis (April 2009: -2.3 percent), but also the highest decrease since the winter of 1952/53 years (December 1952: -5.9 percent). The decline in employment in March is the first minus since February 2010, according to Wifo labor market economist Julia Bock-Schappelwein. As a co-author, she has created a current Wifo report on the employment situation based on data from the umbrella organization of social insurance institutions

7:05 am: China’s economy slumped by 6.8 percent in the first quarter

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, China’s economy has shrunk for the first time in decades. As the Beijing Statistics Office announced on Friday, the gross domestic product in the first quarter decreased by 6.8 percent compared to the first three months of the previous year. It is the first negative value since at least 1992 when the People’s Republic started publishing growth figures on a quarterly basis. China last had a whole year with a shrinking economy in 1976. Last year, the second largest economy had grown by 6.1 percent.

7:01 am: Crisis brings “light and shadow” for the food industry

The corona crisis has brought high demand from the supermarket chains to the food industry. But at the same time, business with the catering and hotel industry came to a complete standstill due to the closings. “We have light and shadow in the industry,” said the managing director of the WKÖ association of the food industry, Katharina Koßdorff, in the APA conversation.

Companies that deliver heavily in the food trade had practically worked around the clock in three shifts at the beginning of the crisis and would still do so at a high level, said the association representative. Businesses with many catering customers, on the other hand, would have to struggle with lost sales. Breweries and other beverage manufacturers, dairies and spirits manufacturers are affected. The brewery association recently reported a drop in sales of 50 percent, many dairies are reducing the volume of milk delivered. The absence of sports and cultural events and other events as well as the absence of foreign tourists hits the beverage industry hard.

7:00 am: Wuhan corrected deaths by 1,290

As the authorities reported on Friday, in the central Chinese metropolis where the pandemic started, yet another 1,290 people died as a result of Covid-19 lung disease. This increased the total number of deaths in Wuhan to 3,896.

6.45 a.m .: Ex-Trump lawyer Cohen is released from prison early

In the prison in Otisville, New York, where Cohen was to serve his three-year prison sentence until November 2021, several inmates and employees had been tested positive for the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen, it said.

6:15 p.m .: 100 people in Tyrol’s old people’s and nursing homes test positive

As of Thursday evening, around 100 people tested positive for the corona virus in Tyrol’s retirement and nursing homes, 31 of which had to be looked after in the hospitals. Two thirds of all facilities have already been tested and 6,196 tests have been carried out, the country said. Among the staff, 136 people were infected with the corona virus and were in home quarantine.

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Coronavirus info point


If you are with you Cold symptoms notice, then the following applies: stay at home and avoid contacts with other people!
If there is an additional fever or if the condition worsens, it should Healthphone 1450 to be called.
At general questions please select the AGES Infoline Coronavirus: 0800 555 621 .
The number 1450 is only for people with complaints! The rule is: always inquire by phone first, never go to a doctor’s office or hospital with suspected corona!

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Who had contact with people from the affected regions or comes back to Austria from these regions and
Symptoms such as fever or cough noticed within 14 days:
always report first by phone! Under no circumstances simply drive to the family doctor or to the hospital!
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there is also a special one Coronavirus hotline (Tel. 0800 555 621).


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