After a car accident, heal the wounds of your heart with one shot

Oriental Neuropsychiatry Professor Seon-Yong Jeong

According to the data of Statistics Korea, 2018Traffic accidents in Korea 217,148Is a case, The injured 323,037Reach people. Often, the pain caused by a traffic accident is a lot of physical pain or musculoskeletal disorders such as broken bones., Due to the dizzying memories of the moment of the accident, there are many mental pains, such as being surprised at a small sound or repetitive nightmares.. This condition, which lasts from a month to a lifetime, is called post-traumatic stress disorder..

Degree of impact, unrest, Oriental psychotherapy to improve health

The trauma psychotherapy program used in the treatment of oriental medicine psychotherapy, There is an emotional freedom technique. Trauma psychotherapy program 4It consists of steps 1To establish the relationship between step therapist and patient Safety cabinetTo build, 2Step Training to just think of the scene of pain and let it flow, 3Step After enough pain has passed, practicing accepting as it is, Last 4Stages of their own hurt and psychological resources(resource)Go through the process of integrating. Research results of domestic patients, Symptom severity and anxiety, Overall health has improved.

Emotional Freedom Technique, Selected as a new medical technology for post-traumatic stress disorder

Emotional freedom technique is an oriental medicine psychotherapy based on the meridian theory of oriental medicine.. 1step(Preparation stage)Esau specified and scored her pain, accepted the uncomfortable symptoms,, 2step(Basic tapping)The uncomfortable emotions and symptoms that are the target of treatment are repeated aloud through the mouth., Concentrating, from Baekhoe to Hugye Blood 13Tap the acupuncture points of a dog. Last 3step(Brain tuning process)Tapping the meridians and performing eye movements and humming in parallel to rebalance negative emotions. Emotional freedom techniques have been recently published along with evidence that they are effective in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and have been selected as a new medical technology..

Herbal treatment to help relax and relax psychologically

Heart palpitations, which are common in stress disorders, are caused by specific triggers in Oriental medicine, and symptoms appear intermittently. boundary(Frightened)”With no obvious triggers sperm(Stunned)”Is called. Both sim(heart)Because it is believed to be caused by weak energy, Cheonwangboshimdan, Ondamtang, Dodamtang, Treatment to compensate for deficiencies is conducted through herbal medicines used for anxiety symptoms such as Hyeolbuchukeotang.. In the case of strong mental shock, treatment to relieve the stagnation of the human body is performed.. In addition, electro-acupuncture treatment using general acupuncture or electric current stimulation is effective in releasing muscle tension and helping psychological relaxation..

Car accident patient medicine 20%Accompanied by mental pain

According to overseas research, Traffic accident victims 13~21%Acute stress disorder occurs in the patient’s medication 60~78%Is said to progress to post-traumatic stress disorder. Professor Jeong Seon-yong of the Department of Oriental Neuropsychiatry, Kangdong Kyunghee University Hospital domestic 6According to a study conducted by a dog oriental hospital, among patients who visited the hospital after a car accident, those who complain of post-traumatic stress disorder 25.8%As about 4Hit 1It has been shown to complain of mental distress in almost all people.I explained.

Post-traumatic stress disorder, Without treatment, it develops chronic and adversely affects the body.

The trauma is distinct due to the nature of the car accident, so focusing on trauma treatment, Mental symptoms complained of by patients tend to be ignored or underestimated. But, Mental pain tends to persist chronically and is depressed, It can cause not only anxiety but also physical weakness, so it should not be passed lightly.. The main symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder are Nightmares related to traffic accidents, Re-experience, such as visual vision that shows nothing, Avoidance of trying to avoid or even think about the object that caused pain, Continued negative thinking or decreased interest, Negative thoughts and moods, such as interpersonal problems, Easily surprised or overly vigilant, It is divided into four categories, such as being angry and hyper arousal..


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