After a lapse of 22 years, SNK released the new work of “The Legend of the Hungry Wolf”, and the characters of “Samurai Soul” participated in “The King of Fighters XV” | 4Gamers

SNK announced the latest works and plans in the “King of Fighters” project at the EVO conference on the 8th.

One of SNK’s well-known fighting games in the 1990s, “FATAL FURY”, announced the development of the latest work in the series. The last one was “MARK OF THE WOLVES” in 1999. The name of the new work has not yet been determined, but an art map of the previous protagonist Rock Howard has been released.

Next is “The King of Fighters XV”, which has been released so far. In addition to the previously announced third team of DLC “Orochi”, which will debut today, the fourth team of DLC has also been announced, which is from another work of the same company ” The characters of Samurai Shodown will be teamed up by Bawangmaru, Nakolulu, and Dali Daojia. The team will be called “Samurai Team”, which is expected to be launched this fall.

In addition, the characters that will be launched in the future are also announced, including the popular Yabuki Shingo in the past, and Kim Kaphwan (Golden Armor Call, formerly translated as Jinkafa) will appear. In addition, cross-platform play will be completed in 2023.

Another SNK game, “Samurai Soul Awakening”, predicted that a rollback code would be imported to make online battles smoother.

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