After Apple, Google also introduces an app subscription for just under five dollars

Google Play Store

A big question is whether the subscription offerings of the two platform operators Apple and Google can change the current business model of the app economy.

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Mountain view A few days after Apple also leads the big competitor Google A subscription offer that allows selected apps to be used without advertising and other costs. The “Google Play Pass” gives access to more than 350 games and other applications for $ 4.99 per month. The service is expected to be available this week in the US and “soon” in other countries, as announced by Google on the night of Tuesday. Prerequisite is a device with the Google Android operating system.

Google pursues a slightly different strategy than Apple. The iPhone group is limited to its recently launched service Apple Arcade on games. In addition, the also $ 4.99 or dollar a month expensive Apple subscription only includes games that are not available elsewhere. In Google's offer, however, there are applications that you can buy otherwise or enhance with in-app purchases. If someone has already installed the app, all available payment content will be unlocked after purchasing the subscription.

A big question is whether the subscription offerings of the two platform operators can change the current business model of app economics. In recent years, the trend has prevailed to offer apps for free to very cheap – and then bring in the money through the in-app purchases or advertising. In the subscription models, the developers should get a share of the monthly fees depending on the activity of the users.

More: Just in time for the Christmas business there are new iPhones from Apple. In addition, the tech group announced that it will launch its streaming service Apple TV + in November in 100 countries.

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