After beating Manchester United .. How many points does Liverpool need to clinch the Premier League title?


The Liverpool team continued its victories in the current English Premier League season after overtaking Manchester United yesterday evening in the 23rd round.

The Juergen Klopp battalion won 2-0, at Anfield.

Watch the match goals

Liverpool currently top the Premier League table with 64 points, knowing that it has a postponed showdown against West Ham.

But the question that occupies the minds of Liverpool fans at the moment is when can their team clinch the title of the waiting role until the last round?

The “Liverpool Echo” global network highlighted this, based on the number of current points for Manchester City and Leicester City who hold second and third places.

Manchester City occupies second place with 48 points, while foxes are in third place with 45 points.

The network indicated that the maximum number of points that Manchester City can achieve, this season, in the English Premier League is 93 points if they win the remaining 15 games.

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As for Leicester, the maximum number of points they can achieve if they win the remaining 15 games of the Premier League season is 90 points.

She explained that Liverpool is able to reach point 112 if he can win their remaining matches from the current version of the league, and the number of 16.

She reported that Liverpool could only settle 94 points for the English Premier League title, absent from Anfield 30 years ago.

This means that Liverpool needs to win 10 out of 16 games to fulfill the dream caressing players, coach, management and fans.



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